I was really too honest a man to be a politician and live.

A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.

A politician is an ass upon which everyone has sat except a man.

The most successful politician is he who says what everybody is thinking most often and in the loudest voice.

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It is as hard and severe a thing to be a true politician as to be truly moral.

A politician is one that would circumvent God.

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May future generations look back on our work and say that these men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country.

The most difficult choice a politician must ever make is whether to be a hypocrite or a liar.

I once said cynically of a politician, Hell double-cross that bridge when he comes to it.

In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.

It rots a writer's brain, it cretinises you.

You say the same thing again and again, and when you do that happily you're well on the way to being a cretin. Or a politician.

The politician who never made a mistake never made a decision.

A politician is a man who understands government and it takes a politician to run a government. A statesman is a politician who's been dead for fifteen years.

My function in life is not to be a politician in Parliament: it is to get something done.

The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.

Did you ever notice that when a politician does get an idea he usually gets it all wrong.

A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.

A politician is a statesman who approaches every question with an open mouth.

It takes a politician to run a government.

A statesman is a politician who's been dead for fifteen years.

I think that politics could be a positive thing.

My beef is that people focus on the personal aspect of a politician too much. They should focus on the results.

There exists no politician in India daring enough to attempt to explain to the masses that cows can be eaten.

People want change but not too much change. Finding that balance is tricky for every politician.

It is hard for any one to be an honest politician who is not born and bred a Dissenter.

The politician being interviewed clearly takes a great deal of trouble to imagine an ending to his sentence: and if he stopped short? His entire policy would be jeopardized!

The politician is like an acrobat : he keeps his balance By saying the opposite of what he does.

Since a politician never believes what he says, he is surprised when others believe him.

At home you always have to be a politician. When you're abroad you almost feel yourself a statesman.

It is unfair to expect a politician to live in private up to the statements he makes in public.

A politician is an animal which can sit on a fence and yet keep both ears to the ground.

One can say that three pre-eminent qualities are decisive for the politician: passion, a feeling of responsibility, and a sense of proportion.

We forget that the most successful statesmen have been professionals.

Lincoln was a professional politician.

We shouldn't accept mediocrity as the best a politician can do.

I am not a politician but I have dedicated the biggest part of my professional life to economic policy both in Greece and Europe.

Everything is political. I will never be a politician or even think political. Me just deal with life and nature. That is the greatest thing to me.

Some of the politicians in this country, in their feverish search for group acceptance, are ready to endorse tumultuous confrontation as a substitute for debate, and the most illogical and unfitting extensions of the Bill of Rights as protections for psychotic and criminal elements in our society. We have seen all too clearly that there are mennow in power in this countrywho do not represent authority, who cannot cope with tradition, and who believe that the people of America are ready to support revolution as long as it is done with a cultured voice and a handsome profile.

But a good patriot, and a true politician, always considers how he shall make the most of the existing materials of his country. A disposition, to preserve, and an ability to improve, taken together, would be my standard of a statesman. Everything else is vulgar in the conception, perilous in the execution.

We must beware of trying to build a society in which nobody counts for anything except a politician or an official, a society where enterprise gains no reward and thrift no privileges.

A garden, you know, is a very usual refuge of a disappointed politician.

Accordingly, I have purchased a few acres about nine miles from town, have built a house, and am cultivating a garden.

This imputation of inconsistency is one to which every sound politician and every honest thinker must sooner or later subject himself. The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinion.

He has been called a mediocre man; but this is unwarranted flattery. He was a politician of monumental littleness.

Im proud that Im a politician. A politician is a man who understands government, and it takes a politician to run a government. A statesman is a politician whos been dead 10 or 15 years.

Im not a politician and my other habits are good.

Ive no enemys to reward, nor friends to sponge. But Im a Union man.

A time will come when a politician who has wilfully made war and promoted international dissension will be as sure of the dock and much surer of the noose than a private homicide. It is not reasonable that those who gamble with mens lives should not stake their own.

A consensus politician is someone who does something that he doesn't believe is right because it keeps people quiet when he does it.

When I want to buy up any politician I always find the anti-monopolists the most purchasable -- they don't come so high.

The biggest danger for a politician is to shake hands with a man who is physically stronger, has been drinking and is voting for the other guy.

I did not attend his funeral; but I wrote a nice letter saying I approved of it. About a politician who had recently died

A man can be a hero if he is a scientist, or a soldier, or a drug addict, or a disc jockey, or a crummy mediocre politician. A man can be a hero because he suffers and despairs; or because he thinks logically and analytically; or because he is sensitive; or because he is cruel. Wealth establishes a man as a hero, and so does poverty. Virtually any circumstance in a man's life will make him a hero to some group of people and has a mythic rendering in the culture -- in literature, art, theater, or the daily newspapers.

I remain just one thing, and one thing only -- and that is a clown.

It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.

People try so hard to believe in leaders now, pitifully hard.

But we no sooner get a popular reformer or politician or soldier or writer or philosopher --a Roosevelt, a Tolstoy, a Wood, a Shaw, a Nietzsche, than the cross-currents of criticism wash him away. My Lord, no man can stand prominence these days. It's the surest path to obscurity. People get sick of hearing the same name over and over.

It only takes a politician believing in what he says for the others to stop believing him.