I am certain that I speak on behalf of my entire nation when I say: September 11th we are all Americans - in grief, as in defiance.
— Benjamin Netanyahu

Nobody should underestimate how much the world changed on the 11th of September 2001.
John Howard 11th quote

I want pills called September 10. You take one and your mind feels like the 11th never happened.
— Doug Coupland

We must never allow September 11th to become a time for protest and division. Instead, this day must remain a time for promoting peace and mutual respect.
— Timothy Dolan

So, for example, a country was into recession right after I was sworn in, a dot-com bust had taken place. Then the attacks of September the 11th, and then of course the great financial meltdown in the -the fundamental question facing any presidency is how do you deal with the hand you're dealt?
— 11th quotation by George W. Bush