Whenever I allow anything but tenderness and compassion to dictate my response to life--be it self-righteous anger, moralizing, defensiveness, the pressing need to change others...I am alienated from my true self. My identity as Abba's child [a child of God] becomes ambiguous, tentative and confused

— Brennan Manning

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I assume the Spirit is always whispering, "Abba", to God's children, assuring them that they are safe in His care. And he is continually calling them to become what God saved them to be, solid people, indestructibly alive, hurting perhaps, but consumed with pleasing the Father.

Film begins with DW Griffith and ends with Abbas Kiarostami.

Today on planet Earth, may you experience the wonder and beauty of yourself as Abba’s Child and temple of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ

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I love Donna Summer, and I love ABBA.

I love late 70s disco. I love the Bee Gees. I just love that period of recording.

Prime Minister Sharon, Prime Minister Abbas, I urge you today to end the designs of those who seek destruction, annihilation and occupation, and I urge you to have the will and the courage to begin to realize our dreams of peace, prosperity and coexistence.

When I was younger, I was listening to a lot of Armenian music, you know, revolutionary music about freedom and protest. In the 70s I was listening to soul and the Bee Gees and ABBA, and funk.

Prime Minister Sharon, Prime Minister Abbas, I urge you today to end the designs of those who seek destruction, annihilation and occupation, and I urge you to have the will and the courage to begin to realize our dreams of peace, prosperity and coexistence.

President Abbas, you've dedicated your life to advancing the Palestinian cause.

Must this conflict continue for generations, or will we enable our children and our grandchildren to speak in years ahead of how we found a way to end it? That's what we should aim for, and that's what I believe we can achieve.

The best assurance any one can have of his interest in God, is doubtless the conformity of his soul to Him. When our heart is once turned into a conformity with the mind of God. when we feel our will conformed to His will, we shall then presently perceive a spirit of adoption within ourselves, teaching us to say, "Abba, Father.

Choose a single, sacred word or phrase that captures something of the flavor of your intimate relationship with God. A word such as Jesus, Abba, Peace, God or a phrase such as "Abba, I belong to you." . . . Without moving your lips, repeat the sacred word inwardly, slowly, and often.

Abba Dorotheos said: No matter what kind of sorrow comes to you, don't blame anyone but yourself, and say, "This has happened because of my sins."

I believe in God - not in a Catholic God;

there is no Catholic God. There is God, and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation. Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator. This is my Being.

There's no deep bench there, Mahmoud Abbas is, I think, the best leader of the Palestinians we could field.

I thought if Oasis could get away with sounding like The Beatles, I could get away with sounding like Abba.

You're not really supposed to like ABBA in Sweden. It's nerdy.

ABBA: The Movie; I got a lot of grief for working on that.

Prayer is more than thoughts and feelings expressed in words.

It is the opening of mind and heart - our whole being to God our Abba Father. It is Divine Union.

It's important in our talks with Abbas to hear how women are represented in peace negotiations, how Palestine views the position of women and how resources are distributed.

The life of Jesus suggests that to be like Abba is to show compassion.

Donald Gray expresses this: "Jesus reveals in an exceptionally human life what it is to live a divine life, a compassionate life.

It is such an innocent, intuitively discerning mind that helps make the Eastern guru and the Desert Abba "master". Where intimate Source radiates among non-Christians then surely we must be dealing with the "other sheep" manifesting the cosmic Christ.

Abba's last tour was a success but awful for me.

Mahmoud Abbas is a puppet.

When ABBA broke up, I assumed our music would fall into oblivion so in the early 90's with BJRN AGAIN becoming popular and when U2 invited Benny and I on stage to sing Dancing Queen, I just assumed we were being sent up. But now I see they were paying tribute to us

There is a general sense of guarded optimism.

There have been too many false dawns over the last 60 years. There have been more tears than smiles, but I sense there is a commitment from Abbas and Sharon, a new determination to make a reality of the goal of two states living side by side.

My life is as good as an Abba song. It’s as good as Dancing Queen.

My child, wilt thou not at this time cry unto me, 'Abba, Father?'

I like what Abba Eban once said during the 1967 war.

He said, "When all else fails, men turn to reason."

Night falls over Machu Picchu to the sound of Abba's 'Dancing Queen'.

You know, I said in the U.N., I said to President Abbas, 'Look, we're in the same city, we're in the same building, for God's sake, the U.N. Let's just sit down and begin to talk peace.'

I wanted a name that would put us first in the phone directory, or second if you count ABBA.

I made all their videos, apart from the last two, so if you ever see an Abba video on TV then it's my stuff.

Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas have recognized Israel's right to exist.

The Israeli government has never recognized our right to a sovereign state and self-determination.

President Abbas and myself, we are the ones who signed the Oslo agreement, so we really know each other, not just theoretically.

[Abbas Kiarostami] is a great artist and a poet.

I sometimes think that if Samuel Beckett made films, he'd make them like Kiarostami makes them.