We have experienced the truth of this prophecy, for England has become the habitation of outsiders and the dominion of foreigners. Today, no Englishman is earl, bishop, or abbott, and newcomers gnaw away at the riches and very innards of England; nor is there any hope for an end of this misery.

— William of Malmesbury

Tempting Abbott quotations

Tony Abbott might think coal's good for humanity, of course it was an important driver in the story of the Australian nation. But when we're talking about the 21st Century and those industries that are gonna take us forward, it won't be coal.

Once upon a time, I thought denial was a river in Egypt.

It's actually the attitude of the Abbott government.

I believe the team of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard is the best leadership team for the Liberal Party and therefore part of the best leadership team of the Coalition for the country.

We've got the slowest 311 song ever, called 'Solar Flare,' which is a scathing political rap that [vocalist] S.A. [Martinez] puts over a really slow, heavy thing, And then there's also a really fast one called 'It's Getting OK Now,' which is [guitarist] Tim Mahoney channeling Dimebag Darrell [Abbott of Pantera].

Thrilling, illuminating, heart-pounding.

Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy reads like a crackling espionage novel and resonates as only the most compelling history can. Abbott brings to vivid life four extraordinary and audacious women, and runs glorious roughshod over all our traditional notions of the role of women in the Civil War.

Abbott Labs absolutely are on the mend.

You were able to buy 15 percent growth over the last five, 10 and 20 years at 13 or 14 times earnings, ... It's a great opportunity. Buy on this dip. We think a year from now the chart's going to be a mirror image on the up side.

Abbott's Admonitions: (1) If you have to ask, you're not entitled to know.

(2) If you don't like the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question.

My first job was in a Bohemian polka band, the Rejcek family polka band in Abbott. The old man in the band had another blacksmith shop in Abbott, but he liked me. All he had was horns and drums, and I was set up over there with my little guitar with no amps or nothing. I would play as loud as I wanted to, and nobody could hear me.

The reality is we live in a world of scarce resources in this veil of tears, as Tony Abbott often describes the world, we have to be real, we have to accept that we can't spend as much money on everything as we would like and so we have chosen to re prioritise, to change spending.

I was born in Abbott, Texas, a little small town in central Texas, and I was raised by my grandparents. And my parents divorced when I was six months old, and my grandparents raised me.

It gets so boring at home. After all, how many reruns of Abbott and Costello movies can a guy watch on television?

People are going to see both of us and think it's an Abbott and Costello kind of thing. It's not an easy switch. It's not an easy transition from TV to film.

When I was about 12, I had my first paying gig - 8 dollars to play rhythm guitar in a polka band. Pretty soon, I ended up playing in all the bars within driving distance of Abbott, Texas.

Although in Abbott and Costello, and straight man was first. That's a very interesting concept.

The appeal for drugs has dwindled. Except for actual opium. If I could get real opium, I'd stir it in my hot coffee every morning. People keep giving me marijuana. I've got pouches in a drawer. I've been meaning to smoke a joint and watch Abbott and Costello Go to Mars. I planned to do this three months ago and I still haven't gotten around to it.

The straight man has to know to relate to the comic.

When I think of the great comedy teams, I think of Martin & Lewis, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello.

Sure, Malcolm Turnbull is less anti-science and anti-culture than [Tony] Abbott, but low bar, and there's not a lot to show for it beyond rhetoric.

My earliest childhood memories are of watching Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. I remember not liking Frankenstein then and going, "Who is this bald guy?" But I love it now.

... as we are being blunt, the fact is that Tony [Abbott] and the people who put him in his job do not want to do anything about climate change. They do not believe in human caused global warming. As Tony observed on one occasion "climate change is crap" or if you consider his mentor, Senator Minchin, the world is not warming, its cooling and the climate change issue is part of a vast left wing conspiracy to deindustrialise the world.

Tony Abbott would do anything but sell his arse

Kent Abbott is in the on-deck circuit.

It gets boring at home. How many reruns of Abbott and Costello movies can a guy watch on TV?

People come to a company like Abbott sometimes and think, Its so big, I cant make a difference. I think just the opposite. I think everybody can make a difference.

The whole time I was a union leader, we had to put up with John Howard and Tony Abbott attacking workers' conditions. I'm proud of being a moderate trade union official, working co-operatively between employees and employers. I'm interested in better wages for workers, better safety, job security, and, profitable companies, because I understand that if you get co-operation in the workplace, everyone wins.

Abbott is a good man to fix up messes and make new policy work .

.. If he gets it right - and Howard will back him with big bucks - Abbott could clean-up his image and restore his appeal as a future leader.

Abbott and Costello were huge for me as a very young person.

If there is a serious outbreak in the UK I doubt voters will risk a Labour government. Time to get serious... Look at Diane Abbott's irresponsible comments on Ebola patients, Mili's open border policy. No. Way.

I wanted to be like Nolan Ryan. I didn't want to be like Pete Gray...And I don't want kids to be like me because I have one hand. I want kids to be like Jim Abbott because he's a baseball pitcher at Michigan and he won the Big Ten Championship game, and not because I can field a bunt and throw to first.

Tony Abbott's books are so amazing!

A tree fell on Greg Abbott - he sued and got millions.

The last thing Texas women need in their lives is Greg Abbott.

Christmas poem to a man in jail hello Bill Abbott: I appreciate your passing around my books in jail there, my poems and stories. if I can lighten the load for some of those guys with my books, fine. but literature, you know, is difficult for the average man to assimilate (and for the unaverage man too); I don't like most poetry, for example, so I write mine the way I like to read it.

I have an evening dress, pink mull over silk (I'm perfectly beautiful in that), and a blue church dress, and a dinner dress of red veiling with Oriental trimming (makes me look like a Gipsy), and another of rose-coloured challis, and a grey street suit, and an every-day dress for classes. That wouldn't be an awfully big wardrobe for Julia Rutledge Pendleton, perhaps, but for Jerusha Abbott - Oh, my!

I've been around long enough to not take seriously statements like I am about to be crushed. I'm about how do we seek re-election of the Australian government, how we prevent Tony Abbott from being elected. The bottom line is that it should be all hands to the pump rather than saying other, frankly negative and internally divisive things.