The ship of Democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those aboard.

— Grover Cleveland

Killer Aboard quotations

Obviously I was challenged by becoming a Naval aviator, by landing aboard aircraft carriers and so on.

All we had aboard the ship that morning was one Annapolis graduate and three reserves.

If you were aboard a lifeboat with a baby and a dog, and the boat capsized, would you rescue the baby or the dog?" Regan, "If it were a retarded baby and a bright dog, I'd save the dog.

I wanted to do my part to help preserve that golden age of travel.

.. I step aboard The Patron Tequila Express railcar, and I go back in time to the days when a long journey was something fun and very special.

Climb aboard life's elevator, hit the "up" button, and see where it takes you.

Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you're aboard, there's nothing you can do.

The great affair, the love affair with life, is to live as variously as possible, to groom one's curiosity like a high-spirited thoroughbred, climb aboard, and gallop over the thick, sunstruck hills every day.

I live to feel her fingers move inside of me like this.

The bus makes another stop. A fat man climbs aboard, hauling himself up the stairs. I would kill him for one more moment with her fingers inside me. I don’t have to. She gives me my moment for free. He lives because of her generosity. We all live because of her generosity.

As we reflect back upon the tragic loss of Challenger and her brave crew of heroes who were aboard that fateful day, I am reminded that they truly represented the best of us, as they climbed aloft on a plume of propellant gasses, reaching for the stars, to inspire us who were Earthbound.

The Lilith Fair thing was Bummer Town - hey, hop aboard the marginalizing train.

I guess you had people come out of that and have careers, but I think there was a pretty intense backlash, too.

Blessed are they who in this sea of frailty, climb aboard a piece of ass as it floats by.

Old age is like flying through a storm. Once you're aboard, there's nothing you can do.

Before marriage, many couples are very much like people rushing to catch an airplane; once aboard, they turn into passengers. They just sit there.

This party is a bit like an old stagecoach.

If you drive along at a rapid rate everyone aboard is either so exhilarated or so seasick that you don't have a lot of difficulty.

Before the current decade ends, fee-paying passengers will be experiencing suborbital flights aboard privately funded vehicles. . . . It won't be too long before bright young men and women set their eyes on careers in Earth orbit and say: "I want to work 200 kilometers from home-straight up!"

We are all passengers aboard one ship, the Earth, and we must not allow it to be wrecked. There will be no second Noah's Ark.

Life is a train ride, and at the many stations along the route, people important to us debark, never to get aboard again, until by the end of the journey, we sit in a passenger car where most of the seats are empty.

Come aboard if your destination is oblivion- it should be our next stop.

We can sit together. You can have the window seat if you want. But it's a sad view.

There are people walking around the streets of Kansas City who are unemployed, while one of our largest employers is not only sending jobs aboard, but then turning around and making a statement about preserving jobs.

I joined the Navy hoping to be submariner and ended up in the sub service aboard a tender in the Pacific.

The true courage of space flight is not sitting aboard 6 million pounds of fire and thunder as one rockets away from this planet. True courage comes in enduring, persevering, the preparation and believing in oneself.

Hurry, get on board, it's comin', listen to those rails a-thrumming all aboard.

Get on the "A" train, soon you will be on Sugar Hill in Harlem.

The literary scene is a kind of Medusa’s raft, small and sinking, and one’s instinct when a newcomer tries to clamber aboard is to step on his fingers.

At which time came to us many boats and we suffered them to come aboard, being not able to resist them, which people did us no harm, neither of us understanding the one the other.

If you will take her, you may take her, but if you go from aboard, you shall never come aboard again.

Every Naval vessel has a contingent of Marines aboard.

After all, the Sailors have to have someone to dance with.

Fatal North was being poisoned to death aboard his own vessel and by someone from his hand-picked crew... a cold-blooded, calculating, pre-meditated murder by a diabolical killer.

I think a loaded weapon aboard an airplane, whether its in the cargo section or in your overhead baggage, is a security issue.

It does not make sense that we are allowing known potential weapons, not unlike those the 9-11 hijackers used to overcome the crews of four airplanes, to be taken aboard passenger aircraft.

I have served many long and lonely years aboard ship in war zones, and the only thing that kept me sane during all that enforced loneliness was my access to a good library in which I read, literally, every book on the shelves, even textbooks, and which gave me access to other worlds no way open to me.

Since you are now studying geometry and trigonometry, I will give you a problem.

A ship sails the ocean. It left Boston with a cargo of wool. It grosses 200 tons. It is bound for Le Havre. The mainmast is broken, the cabin boy is on deck, there are 12 passengers aboard, the wind is blowing East-North-East, the clock points to a quarter past three in the afternoon. It is the month of May. How old is the captain?

It was Silver's voice, and before I had heard a dozen words, I would not have shown myself for all the world. I lay there, trembling and listening, in the extreme of fear and curiostiy, for, in those dozen words, I understood that the lives of all the honest men aboard depended on me alone.

The loneliness of the man is slowly being borne in upon me.

There is not a man aboard but hates or fears him, nor is there a man whom he does not despise.

Israel's shooting down of a civilian airplane and then the killing of 107 innocent peopel aboard, and their raid into neutral Lebanon are very dangerous developments. There's only one way I can see to stop for the United States to take a very strong stand that this has to be settled...politically settled.