Most Powerful Above Reproach quotations

If you want to be respected for your actions, then your behavior must be above reproach. If our lives demonstrate that we are peaceful, humble, and trusted, this is recognized by others.

I must work hard to make my singing above reproach;

there must be no faults which hard work would take care of.

Why anyone, by dying, should thereby be declared beyond criticism, innocent of wrongdoing, suddenly filled with virtue and above reproach escapes me.

Above all, we must abolish hope in the heart of man.

A calm despair, without angry convulsions, without reproaches to Heaven, is the essence of wisdom.

As a leader, you're supposed to be above reproach, and what that means is you can't even give the appearance that you're going to do something wrong.

One prefers, of course, on all occasions to be stainless and above reproach, but, failing that, the next best thing is unquestionably to have got rid of the body.

Again, Rayford slid to the ground, raising his arms.

"My Lord and my God, I am so unworthy." "And you, Rayford, who once were alienated and an enemy in your mind by wicked works, yet now I have reconciled the body of My flesh through death to present you holy, and blameless, and above reproach in God's sight." "Unworthy! Unworthy!" Rayford cried. "Justified by faith," Jesus said, "Justified.

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