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I have to think that I think it's always been a horse race between this administration's temporary political acumen and their completely, utterly, totally bankrupt policies. And they're coming home to roost. It was always a question of time. These guys aren't conservative. These guys are radicals. — Bradley Whitford

My father was a middle manager at an oil company, but I never knew anything about his work. Whatever business acumen I have just got gleaned over the years. — Donna Mills

I believe we can accelerate our acumen, performance and success by leveraging our associations and spending time with people better than us. — Robin S. Sharma

Those who have high business acumen display specific, identifiable cognitive skills that permit them to perform better than their peers. Once we understand that street smarts is skill-based, we can measure it, compare it, and improve it in the general population. — Justin Menkes

Most people define "street smarts" as some innate ability to make savvy decisions, or one that has developed as a result of a person being confronted with very challenging circumstances in the past. I think another common term that is used is one who has amazing "business acumen." But, whatever we call it, it is always associated with some mysterious ability, only a few possess, that allow them to make better decisions than the rest of us. — Justin Menkes

I think that most successful artists - not always, but a lot of them, in any field - have business savvy as well and have some sense of marketing acumen. I think the key is to be good enough at it that it doesn't overwhelm your aesthetic interests, but have just enough that you make smart decisions. — Teddy Wayne

Trump is bringing his business acumen to politics. That's something that politicians don't have: business acumen, many of them. And so they don't recognize it, and they don't understand it. — Rush Limbaugh

Donald Trump has built a business through hard times and through good times. He's brought an extraordinary business acumen, he's employed tens of thousands of people in America. — Mike Pence