Fascinating Adam Parrish quotations

Adam had once told Gansey, "Rags to riches isn't a story anyone wants to hear until after it's done.

Adam didn't look at him when he said, finally, "It doesn't matter how you say it. It's what you wanted, in the end. All your things in one place, all under your roof. Everything you own right where you can see.

I guess now would be a good time to tell you," He said. "I took Chainsaw out of my dreams.

Where do you live?" Adam's mouth was very set.

"A place made for leaving" "That's not really an answer." "It's not really a place.

It was nothing, but it was Adam Parrish's nothing.

How he hated and loved it. How proud he was of it, how wretched it was.

Being Adam Parrish was a complicated thing, a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. He was a miracle of moving parts, a study in survival. The most important thing to Adam Parrish, though, had always been free will, the ability to be his own master. This was the important thing. It had always been the important thing. This was what it was to be Adam.