War will never cease until babies begin to come into the world with larger cerebrums and smaller adrenal glands.

— H. L. Mencken

Unexpected Adrenal quotations

Evolution has meant that our prefrontal lobes are too small, our adrenal glands are too big, and our reproductive organs apparently designed by committee; a recipe which, alone or in combination, is very certain to lead to some unhappiness and disorder.

I heard Professor Cannon lecture last night, going partly on your account.

His subject was a physiological substitute for war-which is international sports and I suppose motorcycle races-to encourage the secretion of the adrenal glands!

I've always had an irrational fear - it's really not an irrational fear, I think - whenever I've been standing at a urinal at a bar, or Giants Stadium or Yankee Stadium. You've got a bunch of drunks behind you, often in a hostile, adrenalized environment like a football game. What's to prevent the guy behind me from slamming my head into the porcelain wall in front of me?

... most bereaved souls crave nourishment more tangible than prayers: they want a steak. What is more, they need a steak. Preferably they need it rare, grilled, heavily salted, for that way it is most easily digested, and most quickly turned into the glandular whip their tired adrenals cry for.

When my friends have a health concern, they call me.

Ive always been a vitamin taker. I also take digestive enzymes and antioxidants, and supplements that help with the thyroid and adrenals for my time-zone changes.

Trying to describe a good marriage is like trying to describe your adrenal glands. You know they're in there functioning but you don't really understand how they work.

I'm quite a neurotic thinker, quite an adrenalized person.

But after meditation, I felt this beautiful serenity and selfless connection.

Great rationalizations. All of which her adrenal gland middle-fingered and then carried right on.