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About time," Christian said. "Lissa and Adrian get the market share on worrying about you, but they're not the only ones. And someone needs to put Adrian in his place, you know. I can't do it all the time." "Thanks. It kills me to say this, but I missed you too. No one's sarcasm compares to yours in Russia.

— Richelle Mead

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Boy is he pissed," said Adrian. "Do you blame him?" asked Christian. "He just lost memerbship in the evil mastermind club. His brilliant plan fell apart, and now his daughter's missing when he thought she was somewhere safe." Adrian stayed pointedly silent.

We're going on a, um, windmill tour later this week.

" If I'd wanted to shut them all up, I'd definitely succeeded. They all looked stunned. Adrian spoke first. "I'm going to assume that means he's flying you to Amsterdam on his private jet. If so, I'd like to come along. But not for the windmills.

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If I could start with anybody, I would initially draft Tom Brady.

Then I would go get Ray Lewis, and then maybe an offensive lineman, or somebody like Adrian Peterson.

I remember Adrian [Maben, director] had lots of problems with red tape and dealing with stuff. I think we lost two or three days. Maybe those were the days we had to walk around the summit of Vesuvius, and we went around to the sulfur pits where the ground is bubbling. It's near here. It's fantastic.

Adrian, the Emperor, exclaimed incessantly, when dying, "That the crowd of physicians had killed him."

My role models in the business were the older guys on my team when I first got there: Gray Scott, Adrian Smith, Roland Taylor. These were the guys who took me under their wing, and really schooled me in terms of what the business was about.

Everyone should play like Adrian Peterson.

This guy does everything full speed. Pro Bowl - promoting himself for MVP.

My beautiful, my own My only Venice-this is breath! Thy breeze Thine Adrian sea-breeze, how it fans my face! Thy very winds feel native to my veins, And cool them into calmness!

Adrian tipped my face up toward his and kissed me.

Like always, the world around me stopped moving. No, the world became Adrian, only Adrian.

I’m still here, still in love with you, and care about you more than any other guy ever will." -Adrian-

I’m not a warrior or a goddess,” I said at last.

Adrian leaned closer. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re both.

Adrian's face was the picture of perfect politeness and restraint, meaning something disastrous was about to happen.

They’re waiting for you. Go on in.” Adrian leaned close to Keith’s ear and spoke in an ominous voice. “If.You.Dare.” He poked Keith’s shoulder and gave a "Muhahaha” kind of monster laugh.

I decided the Alchemists needed an entire department devoted to handling Adrian Ivashkov.

Adrian Ivashkov: "Rose Hathaway, I can't wait to see you again.

If you're this charming while tired and annoyed and this gorgeous while bruised and in ski clothes, you must be devastating at your peak." Rose Hathaway: "If by 'devastating' you mean that you should fear for your life, then yeah. You're right.

I need you,ʺ said Lissa. ʺI hear that from women a lot,ʺ said Adrian.

Adrian: I can visit people in their dreams.

Christian: Stop. I can feel there is a comment coming on about how women already dream about you. I just ate, you know.

Adrian frowned. 'Is that a noose?' 'It's a tie!' I cried, trying not to feel offended. He laughed, clearly delighted at this. 'My mistake.

Study's overrated. Just find someone smart to copy off. -Adrian to Lissa

So much grief, so much anger. So unlike the usual Adrian.

Love is . . .” An old memory with Adrian came back to me, and some of the turbulent emotion I always carried within me these days welled up in my chest. It was stupid, feeling so lovesick when he’d been gone less than a day, but I couldn’t get him or the ways he described love out of my head. “. . . a flame in the dark. A breath of warmth on a winter’s night. A star that guides you home.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

I didn't care that we were out in public. I didn't care that he was Moroi. All that mattered was that he was Adrian, my Adrian. My match. My partner in crime.

Adrian ordered a martini, earning disapproving looks from his father and me.

"It's barely noon," said Nathan. "I know," said Adrian. "I'm surprised I held out that long too.

I should warn you, I’m an expert on vampires.

I’ve seen every episode made of Buffy, Angel, and Forever Knight, so don’t think a little fang-flashing is going to scare me.” – Nell to Adrian Oh, my God! You bit me on the leg! You drank my blood! I am not an appetizer!” You are much more then an appetizer. You are a twelve-course banquet. – Nell & Adrian I slid my tongue around the glossy enamel of his teeth, pausing to stroke down the length of an elongated canine tooth. Yeah. I know. How stupid is it to French kiss a vampire and not expect sharp teeth? – Nell

It was a lot of pressure, but I loved working with Tim and I loved working with Adrian.

I've long been a fan of Adrian Piper's work.

I find her performance pieces moving in their willingness to lean toward the absurd. Yet, there's a social critique in her interaction with people who may or may not have understood that the artist was present.

Crackdown had Dave Ball playing on it.

Flood worked on our next album, and Adrian Sherwood worked with us on Code.

Adrian Maben came to us with the idea.

And we just thought, "Well, why not?" I don't think any of us thought it would be as well received and last in people's minds for as long as it did. All credit to him. It's his idea [Pink Floyd at Pompeii] and it was great.

I grew up loving Ridley Scott and Tony Scott and Michael Bay and Adrian Lyne.

Anybody that believes that Adrian Grenier's name is really Vince should probably watch less TV.

I still credit Adrian Lester with being one of my biggest influences.

Adrian had always found it amusing that a guy could be drilling Stacia up her ass while she considered herself to be a virgin. Her intent had been to present herself as such when she found "Mr. Right."

I know I had my equivalents in Adrian Lester and Lenny James when I was at drama school. I remember David Harewood doing 'Othello' at the National, and Adrian Lester having done Cheek by Jowl's famous 'As You Like It and Company' at the Donmar. Not necessarily performances I saw, but just the fact they happened was massively encouraging.

My intimate knowledge of many central African tribes has everywhere convinced me of the necessity that the Negro does not respect treaties but only brute force.”• General Adrian Dietrich Lothar von Trotha on German South West Africa “At the level of individuals, violence is a cleansing force. It frees the native from his inferiority complex and from his despair and inaction, it makes him fearless and restores his self-respect.