If bloggers are to improve our public discourse - helping busy and usually uninformed people make sense of the world - it is necessary to use some sort of standard with which to judge their reliability. Perhaps the answer (strictly advisory) is a body of their peers. Perhaps not.
— Eric Alterman

If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock.
Arthur Goldberg advisory quote

Among the weeds choking out growth and good government are the hundreds of boards, commissions, and advisory committees that have sprouted over the years. They devour time, money, and energy far beyond any real contribution they make.
— Mitch Daniels

It was also my idea that the advisory committees of the Academy should replace the legal committees of the German Reichstag, which was gradually fading into the background in the Reich.
— Hans Frank

On my albums, it's as though the parental advisory is built in.
— advisory quotation by Marilyn Manson