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Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.

— Mary Kay Ash

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Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines.

I detest my past, and anyone else's. I detest resignation, patience, professional heroism and obligatory beautiful feelings. I also detest the decorative arts, folklore, advertising, voices making announcements, aerodynamism, boy scouts, the smell of moth balls, events of the moment, and drunken people.

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I've told him to cut off his ponytail. I think it makes him less aerodynamic.

The bottom line is there is large uncertainty because nobody has a very good handle on aerodynamics at those altitudes and at those speeds. Given that large degree of uncertainty, life could be normal during entry or some bad things could happen.

As fast as we're going these days, especially because of the aerodynamics, we're all concerned about abusing tires. It's so fast that you're afraid of what you're going to do to the tires.

Turbochargers are for people who cant build engines.

There's a metaphor Vincent Eades likes to use: "If you examine a butterfly according to the laws of aerodynamics, it shouldn't be able to fly. But the butterfly doesn't know that, so it flies.

Driving at high speed where safe and legal is part of my life.

As well as a higher top speed I wanted even better stability in my FX and that meant work on the aerodynamics.

Aerodynamics is for those who cannot manufacture good engines.

Give me a few bits of wool to stick on the car, a good gust of mistral wind, and I could come up with a better aerodynamic package on the bridge at Avigon

To live more simply is to unburden our lives - to live more lightly, cleanly, aerodynamically. It is to establish a more direct, unpretentious and unencumbered relationship with all aspects of our lives: the things that we consume, the work that we do, our relationships with others, our connections with nature and the cosmos, and more.

According to aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly.

Its body weight is not the right proportion to its wingspan. Ignoring these laws, the bee flies anyway.

Indeed, nowadays no electrical engineer could get along without complex numbers, and neither could anyone working in aerodynamics or fluid dynamics.

The difficulty lay with the mind accommodating itself to the notion of the plane, with all its weight, defying gravity, staying aloft. She understood the aerodynamics of flight, could comprehend the laws of physics that made flight possible, but her heart, at the moment, would have none of it. Her heart knew the plane could fall out of the sky.

In a sense, the story, or poem or verse or whatever it is you're writing, you can kind of think of it as a kind of projectile. Imagine it is a kind of projectile which has been specially shaped to be aerodynamic, and that your target is the soft grey putty of the reader's brain.

My company mascot is the bumblebee. Because of its tiny wings and heavy body, aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly. But the bumblebee doesn't know that, so it flies anyways.

It's hard to make something that's interesting.

It's really, really hard. It's like a law of nature, a law of aerodynamics, that anything that's written or anything that's created wants to be mediocre. The natural state of all writing is mediocrity... So what it takes to make anything more than mediocre is such an act of will.

A commercial aircraft is a vehicle capable of supporting itself aerodynamically and economically at the same time.

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway.

There wouldn't be any way I could have jumped into Cup with the success I had without the truck series. I wish I had more time to spend there. There are so many things the truck teaches you about aerodynamics, the professional ranks of racing, and working with a professional team.

Aerodynamics is mathematics for those who haven't learned to do calculus.

In my case, too, for one who hasn't learned to add or multiply, at least the first time.

1973 was the first gasoline crisis in the world.

That year, I designed the first aerodynamic truck, eating 40 percent less fuel. I put it on exhibit everywhere. It was 30 years ahead of its time. Nobody is building it today, and everybody still has problems with their boxy cars and trucks eating up fuel.

Everybody was inspired by the drawings and the wind tunnels and the race cars - but no one wanted to work with me because I had a reputation for being an aerodynamic dictator!

I consider myself a 3-D philosopher. I am not a designer at all. I studied aerodynamics, I studied philosophy, I studied sculpture. High technology on one side, and on the other side, art.

I love a lot of old disco because it's aerodynamic, smooth, and very seductive.

I wanted the album to be aerodynamic, like an airplane taking off from a runway - all of a sudden you're in the air.

My run is so weird. That's what I'm most nervous about in this whole ordeal. I'm most nervous about everybody making fun of the way I run. I do, like, karate hands. Instead of running with my hands closed together like a normal person. It's like I'm trying to be aerodynamic or something, so my hands are straight like razors. Karate hands.

My body shape was made to get into the perfect aerodynamic position.

Technology has also had a big impact, especially on the bike.

Now everything is tested aerodynamically, wind tunnels are used to optimize performance, and frames, wheels, water bottles are all tested. Even clothing, like my Castelli Stealth Top, is faster than skin.

When a man has seen the aerodynamic shape of a Caravelle jet at an airport, he doesn't need aerodynamic furniture.

Most craft give a nod, however brief and unfriendly, towards beauty.

Vogon ships did not nod towards beauty. They pulled on ski masks and mugged beauty in a dark alley They spat in the eye of beauty and bludgeoned their wait through the notions of aesthetics and aerodynamics. Vogon cruisers did not so much travel through space as defile it and toss it aside.