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What are the TOP 10 quotes about afar?

  1. As the knight of the quill never ventured into the fight, and only snuffed the battle afar, he knew nothing accurately of battles, but managed to pick up a few real or supposed incidents from the wounded and from stragglers.

    Daniel H. Hill

  2. Rome - the city of visible history, where the past of a whole hemisphere seems moving in funeral procession with strange ancestral images and trophies gathered from afar.

    George Eliot

  3. The New England Patriots have always been a special organization and I've always watched from afar.

    Randy Moss

  4. I like Stella McCartney, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Aaron Featherstone, normal Chanel if I can ever afford it, I'd be wearing that all the time! I like to admire from afar.

    Brittany Snow

  5. A movie camera is like having someone you have a crush on watching you from afar - you pretend it's not there.

    Tom Stoppard

  6. Seek not for fresher founts afar, just drop you bucket where you are.

    Sam Walter Foss

  7. Ah, who can tell how hard it is to climb the steep where Fame's proud temple shines afar?

    James Beattie

  8. Fame, like the river, is narrowest where it is bred, and broadest afar off.

    William Davenant

  9. The American flag, Old Glory, standing tall and flying free over American soil for 228 years is the symbol of our beloved country. It is recognized from near and afar, and many lives have been lost defending it.

    Jeff Miller

  10. If education, culture, the higher life were shining things to be worshiped from afar, he had still a means left whereby he could draw one step nearer to them.

    Mary Antin

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