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I've always had a natural affiliation with nature. If I wasn't an actor, I'd be some sort of biologist working in the field in Africa or something. — Callan McAuliffe

All the critics who could not make their reputations by discovering you are hoping to make them by predicting hopefully your approaching impotence, failure and general drying up of natural juices. Not a one will wish you luck or hope that you will keep on writing unless you have political affiliations in which case these will rally around and speak of you and Homer, Balzac, Zola and Link Steffens. — Ernest Hemingway

Americans are the only people in the world known to me whose status anxiety prompts them to advertise their college and university affiliations in the rear window of their automobiles. — Paul Fussell

Everybody seems to be imprisoned in their own sectarian or political affiliations. They don't seem to be able to rise above these things. — Adnan Pachachi

I think everyday people on the street who have never been affiliated with the tea party movement are alarmed with the spending and the debt that we have. — Kristi Noem

The reason we are doing these types of pat downs and using the advanced imagery technology is trying to take the latest intelligence and how we know al Qaeda and affiliates want to hurt us, they want to bring down whether it is passenger air craft or cargo aircraft. — John Pistole

When you go to cable, there are no stations and no affiliates and they allow you to do your show. — George Lopez

Back in the day, if you did any commercials or were affiliated with a company you were a sellout. Now it's kind of normal to do that. — Jordan Knight