quote by Susan Sontag

For those who live neither with religious consolations about death nor with a sense of death (or of anything else) as natural, death is the obscene mystery, the ultimate affront, the thing that cannot be controlled. It can only be denied.

— Susan Sontag

Remarkable Affront quotations

The hijab, or sikh turban, or Jewish skullcap are all explicit symbols, but they do not represent a threat or affront to others, and have no bearing on the competence, skills and intelligence of a person.

Unrequited love is not an affront to man but raises him.

What happened to you?” Jace looked affronted.

“What happened to me?” Alec shook him, not lightly. “You said you were going for a walk! What kind of walk takes six hours?” “A long one?” Jace suggested.

Can you dance?" she asked before she could stop herself.

"I can," he said, affronted. "I'm really good with the slow songs.

Any path is only a path, and there is no affront to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you.

If you are affronted it is better to pass it by in silence, or with a jest, though with some dishonor, than to endeavor revenge. If you can keep reason above passion, that and watchfulness will be your best defenders.

Death is not "an eternal sleep!" Citizens! efface from the tomb that motto, graven by sacrilegious hands, which spreads over all nature a funereal crape, takes from oppressed innocence its support, and affronts the beneficent dispensation of death! Inscribe rather thereon these words: "Death is the commencement of immortality!"

I respect women like Gloria Steinem who paved the way.

But when you say 'feminist' now, there is a message that if you are sexy and you acknowledge that part of your personality publicly, then it's somehow an affront to women. And I reject that.

Bloodletting on my premises that I ain't approved I take as a f***ing affront.

It puts me off my feed.

The laws against public nudity make no sense.

The idea that Jerry Falwell can go topless while Cindy Crawford cannot is an absolute affront to logic, common sense and the 5000 year human struggle for aesthetic taste.

Don't forget any affront done to you and to all our people, the time of revenge will come and must be put to good use.

We should blush for shame to show so much resentment at what is done or said against us, knowing that so many injuries and affronts have been offered to our Redeemer and the saints.

Monarchies, aristocracies, and religions.

...there was never a country where the majority of the people were in their secret hearts loyal to any of these institutions.

An Affront to the Rule of Law and to the Constitution Itself

Against the background of this luminous and sparkling stage Bond stood in the sunshine and felt his mission to be incongruous and remote and his dark profession an affront to his fellow actors.

I'm achingly aware of my own limitations as both part of the human race and as an individual. I'm just, casting this out that, maybe, I'm not so perfect as is the affront I oft put on. After all, the lyric is 'I wish I was special'. I truly just want to be loved and accepted, I think, like all humans.

Beauty seems to strike some people as a personal affront.

Waking up was a daily cruelty, an affront, and she avoided it by not sleeping.

All our days are marked with/ unexpected/ affronts--some/ disastrous, others/ less so/ but the process is/ wearing and/ continuous./ Attrition rules./ Most give/ way/ leaving/ empty spaces/ where people should/ be.

Tolerance should, strictly speaking, be only a passing mood;

it ought to lead to acknowledgment and appreciation. To tolerate a person is to affront him.

Legalized abortion is a national holocaust;

an affront to our national character; a contradiction of established principles subscribed to from the beginning of Western Civilization; an insult to the principles of our Declaration of Independence; a bane of our national spirit; and a stench in the nostrils of Almighty God.

Charity should be spontaneous. Calculated altruism is an affront.

House-training, I must tell you, is a formality that can elude young dachshunds for some time; this is particularly true in climates that affront their sensibilities with outrageous meteorological insults. Rain, for example, or a startling gust of wind.

We lose everything because everything remains except us.

And therefore any form of posterity may be an affront, and perhaps any memory, as well.

Be not affronted at a joke. If one throw salt at thee, thou wilt receive no harm, unless thou art raw.

It is not he who gives abuse that affronts, but the view that we take of it as insulting; so that when one provokes you it is your own opinion which is provoking.

I would like to take you seriously, but to do so would be an affront to your intelligence.

It is an affront to treat falsehood with complaisance.

Keep carefully not of all scrapes and quarrels.

They lower a character extremely; and are particularly dangerous in France, wherea man is dishonoured by not resenting an affront, and utterly ruined by resenting it.

While there may have been an age difference, Josh Duggar's transgressions are far less an affront to God than what gays do with each other.

I hate Mother's Day. If anything, it's an affront to all women who think full-time moms have never worked a day in their lives. Which reminds me of a good joke: What do you call an angry feminist on Mother's Day? You don't.

Shahid has grown increasingly committed to the art of indignation, waking up in the morning with an expression of incipient disgust already in stock for all the affronts he will surely encounter during the course of the day.

A moral, sensible, and well-bred manWill not affront me, and no other can.

Scientific truth is too beautiful to be sacrificed for the sake of light entertainment or money. Astrology is an aesthetic affront. It cheapens astronomy, like using Beethoven for commercial jingles.