quote by Orson Welles

There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror.

— Orson Welles

Most Powerful Airline Pilot quotations

Why does every plane have two pilots? Really, you only need one pilot.

Let's take out the second pilot. Let the bloody computer fly it.

Airline pilot quote The bad news is time flies, the good new is you're the pilot
The bad news is time flies, the good new is you're the pilot

If the pilots were in charge, Columbus would still be in port.

They believe the assertion that the world is flat.

I used to be an airline pilot. I got fired because I kept locking the keys in the plane. They caught me on an 80 foot stepladder with a coat hanger.

What is that mountain goat doing way up here in the clouds?

I am equal to a baby and to a hundred year old lady.

I am equal to an airline pilot and a car mechanic. I am equal to you. You are equal to me. It's that universal. Except that it's not.

He won't fly on the Balinese airline, Garuda, because he won't fly on any airline where the pilots believe in reincarnation.

I've produced more pilots than United Airlines, and they've all been disasters.

Every audition I ever took in my life I lost.

The painting world is awash with people who cannot paint.

This is a condition that would not be tolerated in other professions such as Dentistry, Medicine, or among members of the Airline Pilot's Association.

Why do airline pilots always call passengers "folks"? I don't usually take umbrage at generic terminology--I'm one of those forward-thinkers who believes that "man" encompasses the whole darned race -- but at whatever 0'clock in the mornning. I thought it would be nice to be called sometihng that suggested unwashed masses a little less.

I never trust the airlines from those countries where the pilots believe in the afterlife. You are safer when they don't.

I read, studied, and learned everything I could find about aviation.

It was my greatest desire to become a pilot. I could already picture myself in the cockpit of an airliner or in a military fighter plane. I felt deep in my heart this was my thing!

During my career as an airline pilot, I had the opportunity to be a check and training captain. Part of this job was to train and test experienced pilots to ensure that they had the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently operate those magnificent big jets.

The minute you use the drugs, and you do something that interferes with the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of the guy next door, you're a criminal, and you ought to be punished for that especially if you're in a position where your actions could affect large numbers of people. Being a doctor, a legislator, a judge, an airline pilot, where somebody's life depends on you.

On Thursday, a passenger forced his way into the cockpit of a United Airlines flight from Miami, but was subdued after the co-pilot hit him with a small ax. Good to see our airlines are being kept secure by the latest in 12th century technology.

There was nothing subtle about our landing.

The pilot just pointed the nose at the ground and let her rip.

When I was younger I wanted to be an airline pilot, but that lasted for about 30 seconds.

Flying for the airlines is not supposed to be an adventure.

From takeoff to landing, the autopilots handle the controls. This is routine. In a Boeing as much as an Airbus. And they make better work of it than any pilot can. You're not supposed to be the blue-eyed hero here. Your job is to make decisions, to stay awake, and to know which buttons to push and when. Your job is to manage the systems.