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Some people are passionate about aisles, others about window seats. — Terry Jones

People have no confidence that Washington, both sides of aisle, are coming together to try and do what's right for the economy. — Michael Bloomberg

It's only the view from where you sit that makes you feel defeat. Life is full of many aisles, so why don't you change your seat? — Unknown

A little girl at the wedding afterwards asked her mother why the bride changed her mind. What do you mean? responded her mother. Well, she went down the aisle with one man, and came back with another. — Unknown

There is room in the halls of pleasure For a long and lordly train,But one by one we must all file onThrough the narrow aisles of pain. — Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We praise Him, we bless Him, we adore Him, we glorify Him, and we wonder who is that baritone across the aisle and that pretty woman on our right who smells of apple blossoms. Our bowels stir and our cod itches and we amend our prayers for the spiritual life with the hope that it will not be too spiritual. — John Cheever

The only place that the left hasn't placed the blame is on their agenda, so some advice for our friends on that side of the aisle: that's where you've gotta look because that's what got you into this mess. — Sarah Palin

I think that more and more you're going to see people of good will on their side of the aisle say you know what, we got to get off the bus here, this is not headed in the right direction. — David Axelrod