I don't believe in singles. The singles market has changed. I am trying to get back to the old days of releasing albums at will, like Star Wars coming out again.

— Prince

Fascinating Album Release quotations

In 1975,Bob Dylan was almost 10 years past his prime - and then he released the best album of his career, Blood on the Tracks. Written and recorded amid a painful divorce, Blood on the Tracks is proof that heartbreak makes great art - just as many of the albums that followed were the opposite.

Album release quote Letting go isn't about having the courage to release the past; it's about having
Letting go isn't about having the courage to release the past; it's about having the wisdom to embrace the present.

It just inspires me to release an album and know that I can work on a core fanbase. The grind: Just make good music and it translates.

I am planning the release of 2NE1's new album for after CL finishes her solo activities. 2NE1 will surely show you good work until the expiration of their contracts.

When we came out, the kind of music that was popular was Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, all that stuff. That was when we released our second album, 'Images And Words', and it was something people werent used to hearing maybe, and it sort of rose above all that somehow, being progressive, or whatever.

Born of the impossibly varied options we have to amuse ourselves, cutting-edge companies are finding innovative ways to tailor our entertainment choices to who we are, relieving us of the burden of finding the diamond in the rough of 500 TV channels or thousands of movies and music albums released every year.

We've finished our debut album which has 14 tracks.

We're very proud of the release and can't wait for people to hear it.

I thought I'd do everything on four-track, and then I'll record every instrument myself in a studio, and then I'll have a solo album released by spring.

There's 40 or 50 songs that nobody's heard that I've done in between albums.

There's a whole evolution from Midnite Vultures to Sea Change that's never been released.

We're gonna release a studio album probably a year from now and we've got these recordings that we did with Coco Taylor and Johnny Johnson, who was Chuck Berry's piano player.

Bob Dylan wasn't a big star early on;

it was the release of his Greatest Hits album in 1967, and the mainstream success of the stoner anthem "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" ("Everybody must get stoned!"), that really put him on the mainstream map.

A lot of times, people have forgotten about an album by the time it's released, because it leaked three months earlier. Very strange days we live in.

Every time I release an album my old record company releases another one.

Avril Lavigne sold a massive amount of albums and she has to top that with her next release. We have four great albums behind us, and it's not going to be as hard to live up to that.

I have a bunch of albums I would love to get re-released.

Now everything is available at the push of a button, and that thrill of the search is gone. With vinyl albums and special edition releases, I feel like that's coming back.

Sometimes, you release an album and the record company just about ignores it, and so many people don't even know it's out. And I'm not about to jump up and down shouting, "Hey folks, look at me! I'm cool and groovy!" That's not what George Harrison is all about.

There's too much of everything - too many bands, too many albums, too much information all the time. You're seeing fewer album releases treated as big events, because of the influx. It's almost a "here this week, forgotten next week" thing.

I'm a big music fan, an admirer. But I mean by no means am I about to release an album or anything.

Just to be able to release an album back in the day when I came out was very gratifying. Most people were not given the opportunity.

It would be really nice to be able to put out releases that wouldn't be conditional upon an album format, and just put out music in different ways.

I know it is crazy, every time I release something now people say I am becoming more rough and tough. I guess my direction has been changing, I think this new album is a better reflection of who I am as an artist and as a person, I have changed a lot since the Boyzone days.

I have an independent record label called Favored Nations on which I released an album by an artist called Johnny A, who plays an arch top Gibson through a Marshall, but the tone is all in his fingers.

I've had about 140 albums released, and I've done everything I wanted to do.

The thing with me is I'd rather have my cult following than just have a huge song. I haven't had one album or one official single release, but I probably got 500 songs out in people's collection.

I would almost consider myself a canonical child of Generation X.

.. because I think there is an ethic and aesthetic that goes along with that generation, it may have something to do with the fact that "Never Mind the Bollocks" was released when we were 16-years-old and that was really the album that crystalized a generation.

It is so important for me to keep authentic Cuban sounds alive.

All of these great artists have changed the landscape of Latin music and it's an honor to have them on this album ["90 Millas," released in September of 2007]. I believe this album will expose a new generation to the richness of Cuban music.

I don't attend an actual school but I'm still following through with high school. I do work with a tutor for about six hours a day. It's hard core but definitely worth it, and it's my main focus now - finishing up high school before I release my new album and apply to college.

I sing some songs but don't expect me to release an album anytime soon.

Before our albums are released I feel like we still own it, that we have control over our music. But once it's out there in the world it's no longer ours.

Well, it's a nice quiet time for Iron Maiden, and I'll be releasing a new solo album next year, so this is a really good time for the managing out my solo career, which is quite well.

Yes it was we, are a few years back parted from our record company and took the album that we were making with them and released it independently in the United States had a number one Independent debut in the United States.

I'm sure if we had made an album that was more traditional would have been released immediately. When we actually play this music on stage and people become familiar with it, it will become more popular.

So many people release albums before Christmas and they get lost in the Christmas rush.

I don't think the record company is aware of it.

Because they just bury my albums and don't release them.