Most Powerful Allergen quotations

You can eliminate, for example, a Brazil nut gene if you know that it will create an allergenic effect.

I get my highlights touched up with Susan Henry at Shades in Beverly Hills.

She developed hypo-allergenic hair color products with no ammonia because she's allergic to others; she's an incredible colorist. She does balayage instead of the foils, and I'll go and she will do my entire head of highlights in an hour.

The American public is not aware that there might be potential allergenic and toxic reactions. With regular food, at least people know which foods they have an allergy to.

Your average chocolate bar now is full of genetically modified sugar, genetically modified soy bean lecithin, and dairy products (super allergenic for kids); not to mention the 'fake vanilla' - known as chemical vanillin, synthetic flavoring.

Poor air quality, which can be influenced by a variety of fumes, chemicals and allergens, is arguably the leading cause of triggers for most asthmatics in urban areas.

I would like to have a Europe that has a strong foreign and defense policy, ensures economic growth and is active in addressing the issues of the refugee crisis. But perhaps not one that imposes new regulations on allergens that requires food menus to be changed everywhere. When that happens, it creates the feeling that the wrong priorities are being set.