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Coonskin caps, Yankee bats, the Hound Dog man's big start. The A-bomb fears, Annette had ears, I lusted in my heart.

— John Fogerty

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Kevin and Annette... I wanted them to do it together. They clearly wanted to work with each other.

I wish I could talk to Annette, but she doesn't even correspond at this point.

Annette Bening should've won Oscar for American Beauty.

I mean, I know Hilary Swank was there, she was so great too... Annette deserves one. She better win. I'm an Academy voter, and I voted for her.

I can't imagine anyone ever again being able to make a film like, say, Summer Holiday, for instance, to give a British example, actually. And there will never be another Annette Funicello. I suppose it's the slight starchiness of the innocence that makes it unrepeatable.

The careers that I admire and actually try to emulate are those of Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. Those women, to me, make amazing choices. They're sexy, beautiful women, but that doesn't dictate their choices.

I...understand that age is kind of awesome. I am fortunate enough to know women like Gloria Steinem - who I think is one of the most stunning women on the planet - [who] doesn't touch her face. Diane Keaton, Annette Bening - all of these fabulous, fearless women who are flawless - they embrace it!

While I respect my cousin Annette Sykes commitment in engaging in the political process, I do not endorse or support any political party.

For example, the character of Claire in In Dreams wasn't imagined enough by me.

Annette Bening is a great actress, and she gave a great performance, but because I hadn't fully written it essentially the character wasn't finished.

...love him enough to give him this, even if it's at the price of your pride." (Annette to Cat)

Renee was beautiful, but she was my friend now.

On the other hand, Annette was my friend, but now she was beautiful. makes about as much sense as anything ever does with girls

...I'd have cheerfully thrown Her Majesty and her hundred pounds of baggage to the curb, but that wasn't mature. ~Cat on Annette

The Duchess set about studying Annette and shortly found her adversary's tragic flaw. Chocolate.

Annette had kissed me. Who would’a thunk it?

Well your mom was right, in a way. What do you mean? He DID fall, right? So he wasn’t safe on the stool. Thanks, Annette. Thanks a lot. That’s exactly what I needed to hear right now. You’re a very inspiring person, you know that?

Next to her, I felt like Carrot Top in drag. Cat re: Annette

Do you know what you’ve done?” I asked in a bland tone.

Annette gave me an inquiring look. “You’ve gotten on my last nerve.” The table went crashing into her before she could blink, and then my fist found a home in her perfectly arranged hair.

...she could express her soul with that voice, whenver I listened to her I felt my life meant more than mere biology...she could really hear, she understood structure and she could analyze exactly what it was about a piece of music that had to be rendered just so...she was a very emotional person, Annette. She brought that out in other people. After she died I don't think I ever really felt anything again.

And that, Annette, is called Pilates

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