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I was a little too antsy, I was jumping around, wanting to go here, wanting to be there. Once I started smoking weed, I just wanted to stay and play the video game and rap. You spend good time with your daughter, man, after you go smoke, chill with your daughter. You're willing to do whatever she want to do.

— Schoolboy Q

Fantastic Antsy quotations

Luxury and Ostentation usually make me feel antsy, like I'm going to get a case of gout.

I book myself tight. If I have any time off, I get antsy.

Most of the time it's the role. Sometimes it's the story and sometimes it just the paycheck. It's the little movies that come out as stories or the fact that I have work to go out, you know what I'm saying, you can only be out so long without work, you start getting antsy.

I mostly like to travel and volunteer because I get antsy if I stay in my comfort zone for too long.

The only bubble in the flat champagne of February is Valentine’s Day.

It was no accident that our ancestors pinned Valentine’s Day on February’s shirt: he or she lucky enough to have a lover in frigid, antsy February has cause for celebration, indeed.

I have always been physically active.

I grew up a tomboy and [was] into sports, so staying active is something that I enjoy. I get antsy and annoyed if I am sedentary too long. I mix up exercise - yoga, Pilates, hiking, running, and weights. I also eat well. I do not eat meat or poultry - have not since I was eighteen.

The average person has eight different jobs over the course of their lifetime.

You get a little antsy doing the same thing.

You can bring down governments, you can do a lot of things that are in your own interests even though liberals will get very antsy when you start talking about it.

I can only be so long without work before I start getting antsy.

If you'd have asked me two years ago, I'd have been like "No, anything and everything. Go for it." Now, I want to focus on doing the best I can each time. But I think it's hard for me to only put out one record a year. Because I get too antsy. But it's good I'm learning to do that, because each record counts. And you should make it count.

I get antsy and annoyed if I am sedentary too long.

I definitely get a little antsy when I haven't had a good fix!

Reading and gardening are really big for me, along with music and exercise.

If I go more than a day or two without a run or a bike ride or something, I start to get kind of itchy and antsy.

Nature inspires us. Not being able to reach out and touch it, or see it, makes me get really antsy.

I get really antsy if I stay in one place too long.

Universal was really supportive and understood that I needed to go across the Atlantic to reinvent myself and to find my voice, my muse.

I don't believe, in a show like ours, that you really want to see character growth. That's just my opinion. Maybe to a small degree, but nothing serious. To that end, it doesn't have the same importance that it would have, if you were on an hour-long show. I think an audience gets really hungry for a character to grow and change on an hour-long show, and I think I would be more antsy.

I've been active all my life. In 1990 I retired from my firm, I.M. Pei & Partners, and for two years I didn't do much. Then I started to get kind of antsy, so I decided, I'm going to do some more work. And I chose to do work outside the U.S. because I've spent 45 years here and I wanted to learn more about what's happening in the rest of the world.

I get very antsy when I'm not occupied.

I get very antsy and nervous if I don't know what the next job is.

I’m aware that there is a bigger, far more complicated world out there than I’d ever realized, and just like the students at Beijing University, I’ve glimpsed it only fleetingly, peripherally. I’ve sensed the vast expanse of my own ignorance now. I feel antsy and constricted and a deep, almost sexual yearning for velocity, for some sort of raw, transcendent experience that I cannot even begin to articulate.

Reading is like breathing. If you take it away, first I become antsy, then violent.

The only other person I have fallen in love with that way is Jesus, and I hope that goes more smoothly. I hope I remember, when I'm bored with Him, and antsy, and sick of brushing my teeth next to the same god every morning, I hope I remember not to leave Him. I am not so worried that He will leave me. The Bible, after all, is full of stories about God sticking with His Bride, no matter how stiff-necked and prideful and unfaithful she may be.

It’s been a whole day since I last killed someone, and I’m getting antsy. (Maxis)

All my adult life, if I didn't have several hours a day to sit in a room by myself, I would get antsy and irritable.

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