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About appetites

What are appetites quotations about? appetites is essential part of life. You need to have knowledge and control over appetites to be successful. Save any quote to your bookmarks for futher reference.

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What are the best appetites quotes? Best quotes about appetites of all times. Some of the top sayings that are appetites are here to read and remember. Access the best appetites quotations. Top appetites sayings on images and beautiful affirmations. Enjoy most famous quotes that are appetites and bookmark favorite ones.

In our natural state, we are glorious beings. In the world of illusion, we are lost and imprisoned, slaves to our appetites and our will to false power.

Marianne Williamson, author

I lasted one night. They said my playing spoiled people's appetites.

James Stewart, actor

Old age is the supreme evil, for it deprives man of all pleasures while allowing his appetites to remain, and it brings with it every possible sorrow. Yet men fear death and desire old age.

Giacomo Leopardi, poet

The assumption is that the right kind of society is an organic being not merely analogous to an organic being, but actually a living structure with appetites and digestions, instincts and passions, intelligence and reason.

Herbert Read, poet

After months of want and hunger, we suddenly found ourselves able to have meals fit for the gods, and with appetites the gods might have envied.

Ernest Shackleton, explorer

LOVE: A word properly applied to our delight in particular kinds of food; sometimes metaphorically spoken of the favorite objects of all our appetites.

Henry Fielding, novelist

I think there is something for all of us where you find a balance in your life, where you feel that everything you do isn't about your own creature comforts or satisfying your own appetites. Some of it has to be directed outward and there is a huge satisfaction in that.

Wendie Malick, actress

Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.

William Ruckelshaus, lawyer

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