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Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour.

Ovid, poet

And what does reward virtue? You think the communist commissar rewards virtue? You think a Hitler rewards virtue? You think, excuse me, if you'll pardon me, American presidents reward virtue? Do they choose their appointees on the basis of the virtue of the people appointed or on the basis of their political clout?

Milton Friedman, economist

I've appointed a task force to take a fresh look at the color-code system and whether we should retain it, change it or scrap it.

Janet Napolitano, politician

Prior to any questioning, the person must be warned that he has a right to remain silent, that any statement he does make may be used as evidence against him and that he has a right to the presence of an attorney, either retained or appointed.

Earl Warren, judge

The ordinary ministry is that which receives all of its direction from the will of God revealed in the Scriptures and from those means which God has appointed in the church for its continual edification.

William James, philosopher

The ship was named the Bounty: I was appointed to command her on the 16th of August 1787.

William Bligh, soldier

Through years of secret work, scientific and basic ground work was laid, in order to be ready again to work the German Armed Forces at the appointed hour, without loss of time or experience.

Gustav Krupp, businessman

Judges are appointed often through the political process.

Stephen Breyer, judge

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.

Laurence J. Peter, writer

We can easily manage if we will only take, each day, the burden appointed to it. But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday's burden over again today, and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it.

John Newton, soldier

The time has come to stop beating our heads against stone walls under the illusion that we have been appointed policeman to the human race.

Walter Lippmann, journalist

I want to believe that those who have been appointed to accomplish this mission will be totally committed, devoting all their skills and determination to their work. I urge you to lend them your support so that, together, we can build that bright future worthy of our country.

Paul Biya, statesman

If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well.

Brian Clough, athlete

But, I know enough people in that court, through the years, to know one thing: There's always somebody who surprises you, who rises above what they thought they appointed him for, and stays with the separation of powers, and with the right of the law to decide.

Arthur Hertzberg, theologian

The president appoints the judges. Your lives and your children's lives can change by all of these appellate court judges who will be appointed who will reinterpret laws, and things can change.

Johnnie Cochran, lawyer

More and more people in my country recognise the dangers of having their governors appointed by Putin and having no influence in parliament because Parliament today is also following instructions from Kremlin and no longer represents its people.

Garry Kasparov, celebrity

When the late Bishop was appointed, about thirty-two years ago, to diffuse the light of the Gospel through this extensive portion of His Majesty's dominions, it was even a greater spiritual, than a natural wilderness.

John Strachan, clergyman

As to the question of elected or not elected, each member of the European Commission has been appointed jointly by the governments of the 15 member states, and undergone individual scrutiny and a vote of confidence from the European Parliament.

Mario Monti, public servant

I would like you to consider the difference in the time from 1963 to date. The FBI, at that time, was headed by Mr. Hoover who had been appointed Director continuously. He had, I would say, a good reputation.

John Sherman Cooper, politician

A lot of my reading over the next few months will be the works of Hans Christian Andersen - I have been appointed an ambassador for the bicentenary celebrations of his birth next year.

Roger Moore, actor

None of the modes by which a magistrate is appointed, popular election, the accident of the lot, or the accident of birth, affords, as far as we can perceive, much security for his being wiser than any of his neighbours.

Thomas Babington Macaulay, poet

The other was the best recovered in his condition; and being now pretty well, was appointed nurse to the rest of the sick. Next to oranges, I thought the cyder had the best effects.

James Lind, scientist

I propose a Constitutional Amendment providing that, if any public official, elected or appointed, at any level of government, is caught lying to any member of the public for any reason, the punishment shall be death by public hanging.

L. Neil Smith, writer

People in the mass media tend more and more every day to look and act like elected and appointed officials.

L. Neil Smith, writer

But when one believes that you've been appointed by God for a particular mission in history, you have to be very careful about that, how you speak about that. Where is the self-reflection in that? Where is the humility in that?

Jim Wallis, writer

Being appointed Elder Professor meant very much taking over the shop, in that the professor in those days controlled all the moneys.

John Henry Carver, physicist

Even the Congressional Budget Office and the Social Security trustees appointed by the president say that Social Security is financially sound, without any changes for the next 40 to 50 years.

James Roosevelt, politician

So we need the same strategy, we need young, aggressive judges to be appointed, and that's what the President has done, but getting them through is the challenge.

Jay Alan Sekulow, lawyer

Wherever magistrates were appointed from among those who complied with the injunctions of the laws, Socrates considered the government to be an aristocracy.

Xenophon, soldier

Providence has its appointed hour for everything. We cannot command results, we can only strive.

Mahatma Gandhi, activist

In England the judges should have independence to protect the people against the crown. Here the judges should not be independent of the people, but be appointed for not more than seven years. The people would always re-elect the good judges.

Andrew Jackson, president

Speaker Newt Gingrich has appointed a task force, which I'm on, and over the next couple months the task force is going to try to come up with legislation that does what we're all trying to do. I feel pretty good about the members that are on the task force.

Charlie Norwood, politician

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