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A merchant who approaches business with the idea of serving the public well has nothing to fear from the competition.

James Cash Penney, businessman

The way one approaches a wilderness story is to fashion a quest - find something that you are truly interested in finding or discovering.

Tim Cahill, writer

The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.

Mahatma Gandhi, activist

I think that our cooperative conservation approaches get people to sit down and grapple with problem solving.

Gale Norton, public servant

You don't work on something for six years and be blind to the myriad of other approaches.

Ken Burns, director

I'm suspicious of any man or woman who approaches their own liberation with any kind of gender bias.

Andrew Cohen, writer

The reason is that for many years I have avoided reading anything whatsoever that approaches my own line of country, out of a somewhat fanatical desire to avoid the risk of unconscious imitation.

Leslie Charteris, writer

All that you may achieve or discover you will regard as a fragment of a larger pattern of the truth which from the separate approaches every true scholar is striving to descry.

Abbott L. Lowell,

Nonetheless, Article 5 makes clear that if an Iraqi civilian who is not a member of the armed forces, has engaged in attacks on Coalition forces, the Geneva Convention permits the use of more coercive interrogation approaches to prevent future attacks.

John Yoo, educator

Second, the President's popularity has not translated into increased support for the Republican party or for the policies and approaches on domestic policy championed by the President.

Thomas E. Mann, sociologist

So I've learned in the past, if a company approaches me and they want something like this, or something like that that I've done and I turn them down, they're going to do it anyhow.

Danny Elfman, musician

I gradually work myself into a frenzy as the shoot approaches, while we're choosing the costumes or working with the make-up artist. I'm not so much interested in my character as the film itself.

Jeanne Moreau, actress

Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive.

William F. Buckley, Jr., journalist

The preparations are what they are. We're here. The storm is coming. We are as best prepared as we can be as the eye of the storm approaches.

Russel Honore, soldier

I think that various styles and methods and approaches are an invention of people who don't understand the process of acting and who try very hard to label things.

Ben Kingsley, actor

For over 20 years, the federal and provincial governments have made enormous efforts employing a variety of approaches in an attempt to stimulate Montreal's economy.

Kim Campbell, politician

My mother wasn't a stickler for the more practical approaches to life.

Diane Keaton, actress

I believe that a writer learns from every story he writes, and when you try different things, you learn different lessons. Working with other writers, as in Hollywood or in a shared world series, will also strengthen your skills, by exposing you to new ways of seeing the work, and different approaches to certain creative challenges.

George R. R. Martin, author

American advertisers rely on 'essentially illogical' approaches to determine their advertising budgets.

Michael Schudson, sociologist

In youth, we get plenty of exercise through games and running around, but as middle life approaches, we settle down, literally and figuratively.

Gene Tunney, athlete

I think I came across Cecil Taylor a bit later, in 65 or 66. That really impressed me - Cecil Taylor is an amazing character... Both his music and the way he approaches the instrument are astonishing.

Luc Ferrari, composer

Bloody men are like bloody buses - you wait for about a year and as soon as one approaches your stop two or three others appear.

Wendy Cope, poet

We had to give each other permission to be different as parents. That's why there's a mom and a dad with two different approaches, because you do need both.

Bridgette Wilson, actress

Don't worry about what others say about your music. Pursue whatever you are hearing... but if everybody really hates your music maybe you could try some different approaches.

Wynton Marsalis, musician

When I have sat at home with this God-given talent for music for a long time, somebody approaches me out of the blue and asks me to play for them. It's almost as though there's a force somewhere which is saying 'no sittin' around, out you go!

Jeremy Spencer, musician

The competent programmer is fully aware of the limited size of his own skull. He therefore approaches his task with full humility, and avoids clever tricks like the plague.

Edsger Dijkstra, scientist

As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it.

Chanakya, teacher

I was just talking about women, just in terms of understanding them as much as we can ever understand the opposite sex. I'm trying to let go of certain male approaches to things that you inherit, that you grow up with.

Fred Ward, actor

I spend a year at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, researching market approaches to air pollution control.

Gale Norton, public servant

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