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There are enough differences within the country now where maybe you can take a bunch of kids from NYU, have them go study for a semester at the University of Arkansas, and vice versa. — Nate Silver

I've just come back from Mississippi and over there when you talk about the West Bank they think you mean Arkansas. — Patrick Buchanan

You know, in my hometown of Hope, Arkansas, the three sacred heroes were Jesus, Elvis, and FDR, not necessarily in that order. — Mike Huckabee

A Republican in my state of Arkansas feels about as out of place as Michael Vick at the West Minister dog show. — Mike Huckabee

I was the fattest baby in Clark County, Arkansas. They put me in the newspaper. It was like a prize turnip. — Billy Bob Thornton

In Arkansas alone, approximately three quarters of a million people are at risk of going hungry, and one in four children does not get enough to eat, so my goal is to bring awareness to this tragic issue. — Blanche Lincoln

Like it or not, the people of Arkansas sent me to Washington to represent them in this great body. — Mark Pryor

Do you realize that if we could increase just by 50 percent the number of adults who have a college degree, it would add $5 billion to the economy and it would result in a net income to the state of Arkansas of $340 million a year? — Mike Huckabee