Cheering Ashley Wilkes quotations

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

I can't make you understand because you don't know the meaning of fear.

You have the heart of a lion and an utter lack of imagination and I envy you both of those qualities. You'll never mind facing realities and you'll never want to escape from them as I do.

In the end what will happen will be what has happened whenever a civilization breaks up. The people who have brains and courage come through and the ones who haven't are winnowed out.

His voice stopped and they looked for a long quiet moment into each other's eyes and between them lay the sunny lost youth that they had so unthinkingly shared.

Rhett: Don't start flirting with me. I'm not one of your plantation beaux. I want more than flirting from you. Scarlett: What do you want? Rhett: I'll tell you, Scarlett O'Hara, if you'll take that Southern-belle simper off your face. Someday I want you to say to me the words I heard you say to Ashley Wilkes: "I love you!" Scarlett: That's something you'll never hear from me, Captain Butler, as long as you live.

Ser eyes met his, hers naked with pleading, his remote as mountain lakes under gray skies. She saw in them defeat of her wild dream, her mad desires.