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Increasingly, staying in the middle class - let alone aspiring to become middle class - is becoming a game of chance. Arianna Huffington
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Being a woman is of special interest only to aspiring male transsexuals. To actual women, it is simply a good excuse not to play football. Fran Lebowitz

The barriers are not erected which can say to aspiring talents and industry, "Thus far and no farther." Ludwig van Beethoven

Aspiring to a souffle, he achieves a pancake at which the reader saws without much appetite. John Leonard

Usefulness! It is not a fascinating word, and the quality is not one of which the aspiring spirit can dream o' nights, yet on the stage it is the first thing to aim at. Ellen Terry
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I would advise all youths aspiring to athletic fame or a professional career to practice clean living, fair play and good sportsmanship. Major Taylor

Acting is really not what I'm interested in. I'm not an aspiring actor and you should be able to tell. Keith Hernandez
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The only advice I can give to aspiring writers is don't do it unless you're willing to give your whole life to it. Red wine and garlic also helps. Jim Harrison

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