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Ladies bathed before noon, after their three o'clock naps, and by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frostings of sweat and sweet talcum.

— Harper Lee

Risky Atticus Being A Mockingbird quotations

Some negroes lie, some are immoral, some negro men are not be trusted around women - black and white. But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men.

You rarely win, but sometimes you do.

This time we aren't fighting the Yankees, we're fighting our friends.

But remember this, no matter how bitter things get, they're still our friends and this is still our home.

There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us.

Your father's one of them.

Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a Negro comes up, is something I don't pretend to understand.

It’s never an insult to be called what somebody thinks is a bad name.

It just shows you how poor that person is, it doesn’t hurt you.

That proves something- that a gang of wild animals can be stopped, simply because they're still human.

There are just some kind of men…who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one.

I was born good but had grown progressively worse every year. Scout

Bad language is a stage all children go through, and it dies with time when they learn they're not attracting attention with it.

Best way to clear the air is to have it all out in the open.

I'm no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and in the jury system - that is no ideal to me, it is a living, working reality.

Atticus had said it was the polite thing to talk to people about what they were interested in, not about what you were interested in.

Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.

Jen and I were accustomed to our father's last-will-and-testament diction, and were at times free to interrupt Atticus for a translation when it was beyond our understanding.

There is one way in this country in which all men are created equal—there is one human institution that makes a pauper the equal of a Rockefeller, the stupid man the equal of an Einstein, and the ignorant man the equal of any college president. That institution, gentlemen, is the court.

I say guilt, gentlemen, because it was guilt that motivated her.

She has committed no crime, she has merely broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society.

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