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Every great advance...has issued from a new audacity of imagination.

We live in a wondrous time in which the strong is weak because of his moral scruples and the weak grows strong because of his audacity. — Otto von Bismarck

Audacity augments courage; hesitation, fear. — Publilius Syrus

With audacity one can undertake anything, but not do everything. — Napoleon Bonaparte

The method of the enterprising is to plan with audacity and execute with vigor. — Christian Nevell Bovee

Success is the child of audacity. — Benjamin Disraeli

Such is the audacity of man, that he hath learned to counterfeit Nature, yea, and is so bold as to challenge her in her work. — Pliny The Elder

The first quality that is needed is audacity. — Winston Churchill

A country survives its legislation. That truth should not comfort the conservative nor depress the radical. For it means that public policy can enlarge its scope and increase its audacity, can try big experiments without trembling too much over the result. This nation could enter upon the most radical experiments and could afford to fail in them. — Walter Lippmann