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All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography. — Federico Fellini

The autobiographical self is built on the basis of past memories and memories of the plans that we have made; it's the lived past and the anticipated future. — Antonio Damasio

I love songs that are very autobiographical. — Alanis Morissette

All fiction becomes autobiographical when the author has true talent. — Jeanne Moreau

The autobiographical self has prompted extended memory, reasoning, imagination, creativity and language. And out of that came the instruments of culture - religions, justice, trade, the arts, science, technology. — Antonio Damasio

People who think my books are autobiographical, which they're not, credit me with having a much better memory than I do. I do, however, have a powerful imagination. — Curtis Sittenfeld

'Nil By Mouth' was a bit autobiographical, but as I always pointed out at the time, that's not my dad. — Gary Oldman

I had absolutely no trauma in my childhood. If anyone ever assumed that my books were autobiographical, they'd be sorely disappointed, because none of these things happened to me. — Jodi Picoult