quote by Lynn Mabry

Backup singers just bring so much more life to the situation. When a voice opens up, there comes the life.That's when it's a person-to-person connection.

— Lynn Mabry

Remarkable Backup Singers quotations

The first thing I ever wanted to be was a backup singer for Guns 'n' Roses.

Backup singers quote Everyone mist fail once or twice, before they learn how to get back up.
Everyone mist fail once or twice, before they learn how to get back up.

I'm kind of a low-key guy. The spotlight doesn't suit me. I'm more of a side dish--cole slaw or French fries or a Wham! backup singer.

I used to want to be a backup singer. Not a lead singer, because I really can't sing.

I really just wanted to be a writer, but people tell you, 'You should have a backup career,' so I thought, 'OK, I'll act.' That was the foolishness of my vision for my life - that my backup career would be completely undependable.

I like to go full bore into something.

If you have a backup plan, then you've already admitted defeat.

I call my backup singers my sister wives.

To me, they are my best friends. We are all super close. It's kind of like the closest relationship you can have without being blood related, to me. It's a joke that they're sister wives - obviously, we're not polygamists.

Maybe I'd be a storyboard artist. Graphic novel/comic book artist. Backup dancer. Singer. It would be cool to focus on one of these full time. But I like seeing them all intertwine.

It was an extraordinary experience to have backup singers like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I have never experienced anything quite like it before and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Even when I'm touring, I feel like a sideman .

.. everybody's working together. We get to play longer solos; it's not just "Here's the record! Thank you for coming Goodnight" ... it has always had a "band" feel instead of being a singer and his backup band.