quote by Bill Maher

Jim Bakker spells his name with two k's because three would be too obvious.

— Bill Maher

Skyrocket Bakker quotations

If he wants to blow his head off, let him. I don't give a damn about Jim Bakker.

Please, O ye Lord, keep Jim Bakker behind bars.

We can't be guided - because we're so far from it.

We've so destroyed it. We're so far from that that we can't use it. I mean, Jim Bakker heard from God. What a good job he did!

Jim Bakker. He's lost everything, he's ruined. And the worst thing of all he still has to wake up to her!

There were no bigger stars in the new evangelism than the Bakkers.

Say what you will about Leona Helmsley, when it comes to standing trial, she's twice the man Jim Bakker is.

My first quote was, I don't want to hurt God's people.

Jim Bakker's quote was, I was set up by a female...

Jim Bakker came along. He said, Jessica Hahn, listen. You're a virgin. As God as my witness. He said, We need a girl that we can trust.

What bothers me is that Jim Bakker lies. Jim Bakker knows for a fact that I was virgin.

I think Jim got screwed. I think Jim Bakker would have been a great preacher. Jim Bakker was very good at what he did.