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  1. Some day, on the corporate balance sheet, there will be an entry which reads, "Information"; for in most cases, the information is more valuable than the hardware which processes it. — Grace Hopper
  2. All a company report and balance sheet can tell you is the past and the present. They cannot tell future. — Nicolas Darvas
  3. A good reputation for yourself and your company is an invaluable asset not reflected in the balance sheets. — Li Ka-shing
  4. You know, a balance-sheet is like a bikini, it shows more but it hides what is vital. I learned to read a balance sheet and then I got fascinated by stocks. — Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
  5. The fact is that one of the earliest lessons I learned in business was that balance sheets and income statements are fiction, cash flow is reality. — Chris Chocola
  6. Never invest in a company without understanding its finances. The biggest losses in stocks come from companies with poor balance sheets. — Peter Lynch
  7. The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people. — Henry Ford
  8. Derivatives serve practically no purpose except to enrich bankers through opaque pricing and to deceive investors through off-the-balance-sheet accounting. — James Rickards
  9. In financing growing companies, we always looked for human value that didn't appear on the balance sheet. — Michael Milken
  10. It's easier to teach a poet how to read a balance sheet than it is to teach an accountant how to write. — Henry R. Luce

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  • You can have a healthy fossil-fuel balance sheet, or a relatively healthy planet — Bill McKibben
  • We will reject interesting opportunities rather than over-leverage our balance sheet. — Warren Buffett
  • A work of art expresses itself as a balance sheet pitting the spoken against the unspoken. — Russell Sherman
  • A bankruptcy judge can fix your balance sheet, but he cannot fix your company. — Gordon Bethune
  • It sounds extraordinary but it?s a fact that balance sheets can make fascinating reading. — Mary Archer
  • It sounds extraordinary but it's a fact that balance sheets can make fascinating reading. — Mary Archer
  • For most businesses, America is the most important asset on their balance sheet. — Hillary Clinton
  • We always look at the margin of safety in the balance sheet and then worry about the business. — Peter Cundill
Balance sheets quote Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving
Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving

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Legislative reforms in the 1990s and the public/private structure led managements to expand the GSEs' balance sheets to enormous size, underpinned by wafer-thin slivers of capital, driving high shareholder returns and very high compensation for management. — Jerome Powell

Market values are fixed only in part by balance sheets and income statements; much more by the hopes and fears of humanity; by greed, ambition, acts of God, invention, financial stress and strain, weather, discovery, fashion and numberless other causes impossible to be listed without omission. — Gerald M. Loeb

Bourgeois society is infected by monomania: the monomania of accounting. For it, the only thing that has value is what can be counted in francs and centimes. It never hesitates to sacrifice human life to figures which look well on paper, such as national budgets or industrial balance sheets. — Simone Weil

Balance sheets quote Balance, never let success go to your head, and never let failure go to your hea
Balance, never let success go to your head, and never let failure go to your heart.

Though they control scores of industrial, commercial, mining and tourist corporations, not one bears the name Rothschild. Being private partnerships, the family houses never need to, and never do, publish a single public balance sheet, or any other report of their financial condition. — Frederic Morton

There are men who can write poetry, and there are men who can read balance sheets. The men who can read balance sheets cannot write. — Henry R. Luce

I say that in jest a little bit, but Donald Trump is a blue collar guy with a balance sheet. That's the way he likes to have fun. — Donald Trump, Jr.

Balance sheets quote Balance is not something you find. It's something you create.
Balance is not something you find. It's something you create.

Balance Sheets are meaningless. Our accounting systems are still based on the assumption that 80% of costs are manual labor. — Peter Drucker

Though it is very easy to do valuations, eyeballs and brand prominence surveys, you should never allow any of them to influence the balance sheet. — Ashwin Sanghi

Nobody knows everything that's hidden in the balance sheets of banks. In fact, they are completely impenetrable. — Jerome Kerviel

Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings. — Diane Garnick

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Since those don’t hit financial reports, the opportunities you had but didn’t accept, most people don’t bother thinking about them very much. At least that is a mistake we don’t make. We rub our own noses in our mistakes in blowing opportunities, as we just did. — Charlie Munger

After nearly making a terrible mistake not buying See's, we've made this mistake many times. We are apparently slow learners. These opportunity costs don't show up on financial statements, but have cost us many billions. — Charlie Munger

The insurance companies do not refer to the key policy rate when they send their statements. We can only control that rate. Long-term interest rates are determined largely by global financial markets. — Mario Draghi

Balance sheets quote A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage
A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage to act to correct it.

I call it the Rule of Three. If you read a company's financial statements three times, and you still can't figure out how they make their money, that's usually for a reason. — James Chanos

You have more independent eyes scrutinizing the decision-making and financial statements of companies. — Steve Odland

The minute a Wall Street firm purchases your debt, your bank no longer has it on its financial statement, which then allows the bank to look for more credit card customers. That's one reason why you get so many credit card offers. — Robert Kiyosaki

Balance sheets quote Balance is key in life.
Balance is key in life.

New York is safer than it has been - and it's getting safer. But it's never safe. As the financial and communications capital of the world, this is where terrorists want to make a statement, where they get the most bang for the buck. — Raymond Kelly

I think once you start putting phony figures into financial statements, you get in a lot of trouble. And we've seen so much of that in the last 20 years. — Warren Buffett

The financial disclosure statements, they don't give you the tax rate. They don't give you all the details that tax returns would. — Hillary Clinton

Year-end financial statements express a truth about office life which is no less irrefutable yet also, in the end, no less irrelevant or irritating than an evolutionary biologist's proud reminder that the purpose of existence lies in the propagation of our genes. — Alain de Botton

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The case for bitcoin as a cash item on a balance sheet is very compelling for anyone with a time horizon extending beyond four years. Whether or not fiat authorities like it, bitcoin is now in free-market competition with many other assets for the world’s cash balances. It is a competition bitcoin will win or lose in the market, not by the edicts of economists, politicians, or bureaucrats. If it continues to capture a growing share of the world’s cash balances, it continues to succeed. As it stands, bitcoin’s role as cash has a very large total addressable market. The world has around $90 trillion of broad fiat money supply, $90 trillion of sovereign bonds, $40 trillion of corporate bonds, and $10 trillion of gold. Bitcoin could replace all of these assets on balance sheets, which would be a total addressable market cap of $230 trillion. At the time of writing, bitcoin’s market capitalization is around $700 billion, or around 0.3% of its total addressable market. Bitcoin could also take a share of the market capitalization of other semihard assets which people have resorted to using as a form of saving for the future. These include stocks, which are valued at around $90 trillion; global real estate, valued at $280 trillion; and the art market, valued at several trillion dollars. Investors will continue to demand stocks, houses, and works of art, but the current valuations of these assets are likely highly inflated by the need of their holders to use them as stores of value on top of their value as capital or consumer goods. In other words, the flight from inflationary fiat has distorted the U.S. dollar valuations of these assets beyond any sane level. As more and more investors in search of a store of value discover bitcoin’s superior intertemporal salability, it will continue to acquire an increasing share of global cash balances. — Saifedean Ammous

In most cases the favorable price performance will be accompanied by a well-defined improvement in the average earnings, in the dividend, and in the balance-sheet position. Thus in the long run the market test and the ordinary business test of a successful equity commitment tend to be largely identical. — Benjamin Graham

...education is a sacred thing, and the pledge to build a school is a commitment that cannot be surrendered or broken, regardless of how long it may take, how many obstacles must be surmounted, or how much money it will cost. It is by such promises that the balance sheet of one's life is measured. — Greg Mortenson

A company is an organic, living, breathing thing, not just an income sheet and balance sheet. You have to lead it with that in mind. — Carly Fiorina

If you don't have a functioning financial system the world economy won't be revived. All the major economies have their responsibility to assist at a pace which is required to clean up the balance sheet of the banking system and to ensure that credit flows are resumed. — Manmohan Singh

Unfortunately our stock is somehow not well understood by the markets. The market compares us with generic companies. We need to look at Biocon as a bellwether stock. A stock that is differentiated, a stock that is focused on R&D, and a very-very strong balance sheet with huge value drivers at the end of it. — Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

If we had intellectual vigour enough to ascend from effects to causes, we would explain political, economical and social phenomena less by credit sheets, balance of trade and reparations than by our attitude towards God. — Fulton J. Sheen

Business is many things, the least of which is the balance sheet. It is a fluid, ever changing, living thing, sometimes building to great peaks, sometimes falling to crumbled lumps. — Harold Geneen

With weak balance sheets, banks tend to continue lending unprofitable businesses and leave them existing. — Toshihiko Fukui

I passionately disagreed with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's plan to bail out the banks by using a public fund called the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to help banks take toxic assets off their balance sheets. I argued that it would be much better to put the money where the hole was and replenish the equity of the banks themselves. — George Soros

When I started Netscape I was brand new out of college and all the aspects of building a business, like balance sheets and hiring people, were new to me. — Marc Andreessen

The problems of 2008 were never cured. The Federal Reserve's solution to the crisis was to lend the economy enough money to borrow its way out of debt. It thought that if it could subsidize banks lending homeowners enough money to buy houses from people who are defaulting, then the bank balance sheets would end up okay. — Michael Hudson

The problems of the global economy are not based in perception, but in the reality of prices, balance sheets and income statements, vast concentrations of wealth and power, precarious systemic imbalances, ruthless exploitation, and command economies mismanaged by Central State/Bank policy and manipulation. — Charles Hugh Smith

If when a businessman speaks of minority employment, or air pollution, or poverty, he speaks in the language of a certified public accountant analyzing a corporate balance sheet, who is to know that he understands the human problems behind the statistical ones? If the businessman would stop talking like a computer printout or a page from the corporate annual report, other people would stop thinking he had a cash register for a heart. It is as simple as that -- but that isn't simple. — Louis B. Lundborg

We have managed to acquire $13 trillion of debt on our balance sheet. In my view we have nothing to show for it. We haven't invested in our roads, our bridges, our waste-water systems, our sewer systems. We haven't even maintained the assets that our parents and grandparents built for us. — Michael Bennett

Investment banking has, in recent years, resembled a casino, and the massive scale of gambling losses has dragged down traditional business and retail lending activities as banks try to rebuild their balance sheets. This was one aspect of modern financial liberalisation that had dire consequences. — Vince Cable

We are tasked to rebuild not just a damaged economy, and a debt-ridden balance sheet, but to do so by drawing forth the best that is in our fellow citizens. If we would summon the best from Americans, we must assume the best about them. If we don't believe in Americans, who will? — Mitch Daniels

I look for the hotels that have figured out the comfortable balance - a modern room that is well designed, and really clean sheets. — Simon Sinek

Goldman Sachs now has the biggest oil position in America and probably one of the biggest oil positions in the world. They're long oil. So the banks have aggressively been buying oil on their balance sheets. I think they might see this as a way to bail themselves out of this mortgage crisis. — Max Keiser

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