When people put their ballots in the boxes, they are, by that act, inoculated against the feeling that the government is not theirs. They then accept, in some measure, that its errors are their errors, its aberrations their aberrations, that any revolt will be against them. It's a remarkably shrewd and rather conservative arrangement when one thinks of it.
— John Kenneth Galbraith

Under a Presidential government, a nation has, except at the electing moment, no influence; it has not the ballot-box before it; its virtue is gone, and it must wait till its instant of despotism again returns.
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The ballot box is the surest arbiter of disputes among free men.
— James Buchanan

The closer a Negro got to the ballot box, the more he looked like a rapist.
— E. Franklin Frazier

Democrats believe they can win at the ballot box by obstructing, and they would rather win the next election than move America forward.
— ballot box quotation by Virginia Foxx