Reckoning Baltimore Ravens quotations

He is the Baltimore Ravens. He's their franchise.

I am so proud to be the Baltimore Ravens' first Hall of Fame inductee.

I love Baltimore, I want to retire a raven

I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan and I'm a Baltimore Orioles fan. I have them tattooed on me.

We’ll always be grateful for the love we’ve received from all of our fans and supporters, and for winning a Super Bowl. I’ll always be proud to say I played for the Baltimore Ravens.

Dean Bartoli Smith's Never Easy, Never Pretty will help satisfy the hunger of so many Baltimore Ravens fans wishing to re-live the club's remarkable 2012 title year. It's a virtual play-by-play re-enactment. But, more than that, it's about the long love affair that's consumed so many in Baltimore, which commenced with a team called the Colts and continues, strong as ever, with the beloved Ravens.