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I loved music since the Seth Ward Baptist Church outside of Plainview. — Jimmy Dean

You might say that Lyndon Johnson is a cross between a Baptist preacher and a cowboy. — Lyndon B. Johnson

Baptists are very strong believers that the civil magistrate is ordained by God to punish those who do evil. — Richard Land

I grew up in a very small, close-knit, Southern Baptist family, where everything was off-limits. So I couldn't wait to get to college and have some fun. And I did for the first two years. And I regret a lot of it, because my grades were in terrible shape. I never got in serious trouble, except for my grades. — John Grisham

I even went so far as to become a Southern Baptist for a while, until I realized that they didn't hold 'em under long enough. — Kinky Friedman

There was a lot of Southern Baptist preachers and some yelling ones but mostly we had a pastor who didn't scream and I found a lot of comfort and joy and peace as a child hearing the Bible. — Victoria Jackson

I enjoy being Jewish, but I'm an atheist... I hate fundamentalism in all its forms. Jews, Catholics, Baptists, I think they are all potty and capable of destroying the world. — Warren Mitchell

The outcome, the fourth in an issue of five boys born into a staunch Baptist home, meant that from the beginning I was taught to be respectful of others no less than myself, influencing ever since both my political and administrative attitudes. — James W. Black