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If I freely may discover What should please me in my lover, I would have her fair and witty, Savouring more of court than city; A little proud, but full of pity; Light and humorous in her toying, Oft building hopes, and soon destroying, Long, but sweet in the enjoying; Neither too easy nor to hard; All extremes I would have barr'd.

— Ben Jonson

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Comedy comes from pain, and no one knows that better than this woman Roseanne Barr—who was molested as a child. Uch. That poor molester. Roseanne never got over it. She felt violated. She had trust issues. She never got the candy he promised her.

The closest thing to Roseanne Barr's singing the national anthem was my cat being neutered.

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Good wine needs neither bush nor preface to make it welcome.

And they drank the red wine through the helmet barr'd.

Sloanes aren't cafe society or NYLON hedge-funders with million-pound bonuses, or London Eurotrash wearing upgraded style anglais. Ann Barr's and my original picture of them in 'The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook,' published in 1982, was of an upper-middle-class world, conservative and fairly homogeneous, united by old attitudes and institutions.

I'm lucky to have parents who used to be bodybuilders! They help me keep fit by going to the gym and training with me. I'm also addicted to Cardio Barre classes and hiking.

Someone I met years ago explained to me the difference between a personality and an actor, a personality being Eddie Murphy or Roseanne Barr, and an actor being Morgan Freeman and Alfre Woodard or Marlon Brando.

I love to work out. I need to work out! Nothing makes me feel better than walking out of a spin or barre class knowing my body and mind got some attention.

Every year, I have to spend another hour working out.

Pretty soon I'll be spending eight hours working out just to fit in the costume. I have the feeling that the minute I stop doing the character, boom, Roseanne Barr.

I make time to exercise at least four times a week.

I mix up running, yoga, barre classes, and rock-climbing to get a full workout. I also follow my mum and dad's nutritional advice and eat a variety of colors on my plate. Plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Aqualung is one that my brother turned me onto.

It wasn't that hard-rocking, but Martin Barre had a really good sound. He knew what he was doing.

I love boxing, and I try to mix it up as much as I can.

Boxing makes you kind of tight, so it's really good to mix that with barre, pilates, or something that'll stretch you out and make you longer. I'm not the person that loves to be in the gym so much. I like to mix it up as much as possible, otherwise I'll get bored.

I found at a young age that emotions aren't always handled with talking and other emotions. I started ballet, seriously around fourteen, and let me tell you, nothing can give you an emotional reset like a good ballet barre.

I try to turn most things into an exercise.

Sometimes, I can't get a workout in, so I will do things like park further away at the grocery store or take the stairs. It may not be much, but I've convinced myself it does something. Mind over matter. Ha! But my regular workouts consist of hiking, Cardio Barre, and light weight training.

I just started off on my own by learning the regular chords then the barre chords. Then I'd lean the notes that would go with them.

If Bob Barr (conservative republican congressman from Georgia) caught on fire and I was holding a bucket of water, it would be great act of discipline to pour it on him. I would do it, but I'd hate myself in the morning.

Who hath not heard the rich complain Of surfeits, and corporeal pain? He barr'd from every use of wealth, Envies the ploughman's strength and health.

The heart hath treble wrong When it is barr'd the aidance of the tongue.

It is puzzling why anyone would want to (become governor of California).

It's like vying to become Roseanne Barr's next husband. Sure you'd get your name in the paper, but look at the mess you'd be getting yourself into.

The principal House sponsor (of the Defense of Marriage Act), Bob Barr of Georgia has been married three times--which raises the question of why the act doesn't contain a three-strikes-and-you're-out provision.

If Joy Behar or Sherri Shepherd was a dude, they'd be off TV.

They're not funny enough for dudes. What if Roseanne Barr was a dude? Think we'd know who she was?

The gold-barr'd butterflies to and from And over the waterside wander'd and wove As heedless and idle as clouds that rove And drift by the peaks of perpetual snow.

When I stopped doing ballet, I started training in the pool.

I would do my barre exercises in the water, because that prevents injuries.

But I'd say my best boss was Tom Barr, who was a partner at Cravath, Swain & Moore in the 1960s. It's because I learned so much from him.

I see Sandy Barr got himself a $4 haircut...$1 for each side.

I have a ballet barre in my gym. I turn the music up so loud that the walls are pulsating, and I go for it for an hour.

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