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It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy.

I'm the quiet bass player. — Colin Hanks

I always got great respect as a bass player. — Bill Wyman

I think the future looks great for music, musicians, bass players, and all we love about music. — Billy Sheehan

I don't regard myself as a great classical or jazz pianist. I like country music, but I'm not a great player. I just like music. Drums 'n' bass is pretty exciting and I'd love to explore it. — Keith Emerson

I don't really have a favorite bass player. I listen to a lot of bluegrass. But then again, I'm not a typical bluegrass bass player. I was really into the Grateful Dead, and I still am - I don't listen to them too much, but for me they are a big influence. — Mike Gordon

Lately Fish and I have been hooking up more, which is a good thing because it's just been a struggle for me as a bass player to play with someone who's so creative on the drums, and lately it's been really good, especially during sound checks. — Mike Gordon

The worst thing I could be thinking is how could I be a cool bass player. — Mike Gordon

In jazz, you listen to what the bass player is doing and what the drummer is doing, what the pianist and the guitarist is doing, and then you play something that compliments that, so you are thinking simultaneously and thinking ahead. — David Amram