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I wasn't originally a bass player. I just found out I was needed, because everyone wants to play guitar.

— Tina Weymouth

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The bass player's function, along with the drums, is to be the engine that drives the car... everything else is merely colours.

Bass players quote It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy.
It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy.

Guitar is for the head, drums are for the chest, but bass gets you in the groin

Bass players quote A good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what the
A good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what they are.
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As I said, when we needed to move over to rock'n'roll, Sam and Vernon couldn't quite make the shift. So that's when Larry took over on drums, and we needed a bass player.

Bach is really the ultimate in bass players you know

I always got great respect as a bass player.

Bass players quote Of course, my father was a soccer player. He used to play very good. Then I was
Of course, my father was a soccer player. He used to play very good. Then I was young, eight or nine years, ten years old, I just want to be like my father.

It's really easy to play harmonics, anyone can do it.

It's another thing to be able to swing, to make to make a band swing, to create a groove. Harmonics ain't everything. Being able to play harmonics certainly does not make you a good bass player. Cleverness is no substitute for true awareness.

Jack Bruce, as soon as I saw him, it changed me.

I didn't even know what bass players did until I saw Cream.

Women and rhythm-section first!?

I wasn't allowed to play in some universities in the United States and out of twenty-five concerts, twenty-three were canceled unless I would substitute my black bass player for my old white bass player, which I wouldn't do.

I recruited my dad to be my bass player and fired him on several occasions.

He stayed on as a bus driver.

To be a great band it's like you have that telepathy.

You know when the bass player's in back of you without even looking. You know when your guitar player's coming up to you to lean up to you and sing into your microphone. You just know these things. You feel it. You feel the energy of it.

Imagine if you were a drummer, and you accidentally picked up two magic wands instead of sticks. There you are, keeping the beat, the next thing you know, your bass player turns into a can of soup.

In jazz, you listen to what the bass player is doing and what the drummer is doing, what the pianist and the guitarist is doing, and then you play something that compliments that, so you are thinking simultaneously and thinking ahead.

Bass players and drummers are brothers in the basement cooking up the groove that makes people move.

My dad was a bass player in a Latino band when I was growing up.

So we always had musical instruments in our basement.

One thing people always ask me is 'How do you play outside?' .

.. I have no idea how to teach that, but when I was discussing this with our bass player Jesse Murphy, he said 'tell them to go cliff diving'... In other words, when you're jamming, you have to take risks if you want to find new sounds.

Onstage I like to play with a an 18-inch speaker, which very few bass players do. I need that fat, underneath sound, which I've always had. It suits me admirably to do it like that, and I can imitate that sound by plugging directly into the board in the studio.

When I heard BB Kings Sweet Sixteen, I knew I wanted to play bass because that was the thing that made that record: the bass player.

I feel my spot is somewhere between a bass player and a rhythm guitar player.

I play with a pick. I play very aggressively. I always have a distortion pedal in line, and I play less melodies and do more stuff against the guitars that create melodies.

I was always the sexy bass player in the background while Robin stood centre.

Barry and I played it up a bit, gave 'em a bit of thigh.

I don't really have a favorite bass player.

I listen to a lot of bluegrass. But then again, I'm not a typical bluegrass bass player. I was really into the Grateful Dead, and I still am - I don't listen to them too much, but for me they are a big influence.

Eliminating the piano means that I've always worked closer with the bass than most players.

I can understand why some of these drummers and bass players become cult figures with all of their equipment and the incredible amount of technique they have. But there's very little that I think satisfies you intellectually or emotionally.

Without getting real personal, we liked our bass player Ed.

He was a great guy and he was a good bass player but his playing was suited for a different style of band.

I like a lot of bass players. I like a lot of tuba players too.

I feel that whatever you put out is what you'll get back.

I always put out, 'hey, hi, I'm a bass player, no bullshit,' and that's what I got back. I got the respect.

My dream as a child was to play with a bass player like Ray Brown, who played with the Oscar Peterson Trio. The feeling I had listening to his work was almost carnal, so to actually play for him was earth-shattering for me.

For my money, Ray Brown is the greatest living bass player.

Every great thing that's happened on bass since Ray Brown -- all of us point back to him. That's where it started, you know. Ray Brown is definitely a walking master, and to get to play with him is obviously an opportunity that no one should ever pass up.

I don't regard myself as a great classical or jazz pianist.

I like country music, but I'm not a great player. I just like music. Drums 'n' bass is pretty exciting and I'd love to explore it.

The worst thing I could be thinking is how could I be a cool bass player.

I actually met Chick Corea in New York, where I was staying with a bass player friend.

So the whole basis for jazz music is based on the fact that the bass player could not play his instrument.

You have to understand that the bass guitar is the party instrument.

It only has four strings. If you see a bass player playing five strings, take your shoe off and throw it at him.

I knew Glenn Frey. He called me up in 1977 and told me The Eagles were looking for a bass player, preferably someone who could write and had a high voice. That was me.