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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. — Maya Angelou

Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves. — Drew Barrymore

Oh! To be a butterfly Still, upon a flower, Winking with its painted wings, Happy in the hour. — Amy Lowell

I am a butterfly drunk with life. I don't know where to soar, but I won't allow life to clip my beautiful wings. — Janusz Korczak

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. — Rabindranath Tagore

Don't waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come. — Mario Quintana

You cannot direspect the caterpillar and rave about the butterfly. — Mark Jackson

Although the butterfly and the caterpillar are completely different, they are one and the same. — Kendrick Lamar

If you are old and you wish to be young again, if only for a moment, try and identify a dragonfly. — Simon Barnes

To all the broken-hearted and anyone feeling sad, may your hearts heal and may you feel happy in your lives.Flutter as the butterflies do. — Krystal

Short Beautiful Butterfly Quotes

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  • And when I was angry, when I was younger, I was in a cocoon. Now I'm a beautiful, black butterfly. — Tracy Morgan
  • Change can be beautiful; butterflies are the greatest proof of this. — Matshona Dhliwayo
  • Where there are flowers, there are butterflies. — Filipino Proverbs
  • There is no help for you, outside yourself; You are the creator of the universe. — Swami Vivekananda
  • Not for a moment, beautiful aged Walt Whitman, have I failed to see your beard full of butterflies. — Federico Garcia Lorca
  • and when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful. — Ruskin Bond
Beautiful butterfly quote Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Butterfly Quotes

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Listen with your heart, you will understand. — Pocahontas

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He's working on you, too. — Rick Warren

I am a happy camper so I guess I’m doing something right. Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder. — Henry David Thoreau

Beautiful butterfly quote Beautiful things don't ask for attention.
Beautiful things don't ask for attention.

Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and fairy tales That's all she ever thinks about Riding with the wind. — Jimi Hendrix

Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow. — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Beautiful butterfly quote Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, a pret
Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. — R. Buckminster Fuller

She was elusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a cork board like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew. — Jerry Spinelli

The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted. — Mother Teresa

Beautiful butterfly quote

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly. — Richard Bach

Like A Butterfly Quotes

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Beautiful butterfly quote

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. — Muhammad Ali

I was not content at home. . . I wanted to live like a colorful butterfly in the sun. — Mata Hari

We gon' float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. AH! Rumble, young man rumble! AH! — Drew Bundini Brown

Beautiful butterfly quote Be brave enough to hold on to the hope that life will be beautiful again.
Be brave enough to hold on to the hope that life will be beautiful again.

The creative life of the commercial photographer is like the life of a butterfly. Very seldom do we see a photographer who is really productive for more than eight or ten years. — Alexey Brodovitch

I sting like a butterfly and punch like a flea. — Si Robertson

We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever. — Carl Sagan

Beautiful butterfly quote Kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything it covers.
Kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything it covers.

When a small child, I thought that success spelled happiness. I was wrong, happiness is like a butterfly which appears and delights us for one brief moment, but soon flits away. — Anna Pavlova

There is no help for you outside of yourself; you are the creator of the universe. Like the silkworm you have built a cocoon around yourself.... Burst your own cocoon and come out as the beautiful butterfly, as the free soul. Then alone you will see Truth. — Swami Vivekananda

Some say it is best not to go near the center of time. Life is a vessel of sadness, but is noble to live life and without time there is no life. Others disagree. They would rather have an eternity of contentment, even if that eternity were fixed and frozen, like a butterfly mounted in a case. — Alan Lightman

Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly. — Pablo Neruda

Chasing Butterflies Quotes

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Like the entomologist in search of colorful butterflies, my attention has chased in the gardens of the grey matter cells with delicate and elegant shapes, the mysterious butterflies of the soul, whose beating of wings may one day reveal to us the secrets of the mind. — Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold. — William Moulton Marston

Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there are important personality profits to be taken. Defeat strips away false values and makes you realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold. — William Moulton Marston

Beautiful butterfly quote Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people s
Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing.

Life is like a butterfly. You can chase, or you can let it come to you. — Ruth Brown

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder. — Anonymous

Don't go chasing after butterflies, when everything you want is right by your side. — Norah Jones

Beautiful butterfly quote A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.
A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you; it can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become. — Jim Rohn

You know those adages about smelling the roses and chasing butterflies? The markets are my butterflies and my roses. — Bill Gross

Immortality is a ridiculous illusion, an empty word, a butterfly net chasing the wind. — Milan Kundera

You can only chase a butterfly for so long. — Jane Yolen

Butterfly Wings Quotes

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Hurt no living thing: Ladybird, nor butterfly, Nor moth with dusty wing. — Christina Rossetti

On those who overanalyze his music: When you tear the wings off a butterfly, it is no longer a butterfly — Claude Debussy

When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another. — Edward Norton Lorenz

To describe women, the pen should be dipped in the humid colors of the rainbow, and the paper dried with the dust gathered from the wings of a butterfly. — Denis Diderot

She looked, and a scarlet butterfly flew away from her, away down the length of the tower, and then another, another, an unraveling scarf of butterflies like winged blood. — Tanith Lee

17. Butterfly A butterfly fluttered its wings in a wind thick with the smell of seaweed. His dry lips felt the touch of the butterfly for the briefest instant, yet the wisp of wing dust still shone on his lips years later. — Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

Never touch a butterfly's wing with your finger. — Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

World, they have taken the small children like butterflies and thrown them, beating their wings, into the fire-- — Nelly Sachs

Orchidbreathing incense into butterfly's wings — Matsuo Basho

Art is the fatal net which catches these strange moments on the wing like mysterious butterflies, fleeing the innocence and distraction of common men. — Giorgio de Chirico

Beautiful Flower Quotes

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Beautiful butterfly quote

All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that's like women too. — Miranda Kerr

In my dreams and visions, I seemed to see a line, and on the other side of that line were green fields, and lovely flowers, and beautiful white ladies, who stretched out their arms to me over the line, but I couldn't reach them no-how. I always fell before I got to the line. — Harriet Tubman

May the stars carry your sadness away, may the flowers fill your heart with beauty, may hope forever wipe away your tears. And, above all, may silence make you strong. — Chief Dan George

For me, the different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, or they are branches of the same majestic tree. Therefore, they are equally true, though being received and interpreted through human instruments equally imperfect. — Mahatma Gandhi

Daffodils, That come before the swallow dares, and take The winds of March with beauty. — William Shakespeare

You're beautiful like a flower More valuable than a diamond You are powerful like a fire... There is nothing in the world that you cannot do When you believe in you, who are beautiful Yeah you, who are brilliant Yeah you, who are powerful Yeah you, who are resilient — India.Arie

Look at an avalanche, and see that we are at our most powerful when we let go. Look at a flower, and see that we are at our most beautiful when we open up. — Shane Koyczan

The ballet is a purely female thing; it is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener. — George Balanchine

I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty. — Georgia O'Keeffe

Where flowers bloom so does hope. — Lady Bird Johnson

Monarch Butterfly Quotes

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I embrace emerging experience, I participate in discovery. I am a butterfly. I am not a butterfly collector. I want the experience of the butterfly. — William Stafford

Nerves and butterflies are fine - they're a physical sign that you're mentally ready and eager. You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that's the trick. — Steve Bull

I learned about the sacred art of self decoration with the monarch butterflies perched atop my head, lightning bugs as my night jewelry, and emerald-green frogs as bracelets. — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Butterflies...flowers that fly and all but sing. — Robert Frost

The butterfly is a flying flower, The flower a tethered butterfly. — Ponce Denis Ecouchard Lebrun

They seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if they had surprised a butterfly in the winter woods — Edith Wharton

We must remain as close to the flowers, the grass, and the butterflies as the child is who is not yet so much taller than they are. — Friedrich Nietzsche

I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. — Zhuangzi

Bees sip honey from flowers and hum their thanks when they leave. The gaudy butterfly is sure that the flowers owe thanks to him. — Rabindranath Tagore

Gray sail against the sky, Gray butterfly! Have you a dream for going. Or are you the blind wind's blowing? — Dana Burnet

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You can never have too much sky . You can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky, and sky can keep you safe when you are sad. Here there is too much sadness and not enough sky. Butterflies too are few and so are flowers and most things that are beautiful. Still, we take what we can get and make the best of it. — Sandra Cisneros

He built a small house, called a cocoon, around himself. He stayed inside for more than two weeks. Then he nibbled a hole in the cocoon, pushed his way out and... he was a beautiful butterfly! — Eric Carle

True beauty of dress consists in its simplicity . . . What do these devotees of fashion gain? Only the satisfaction of being admired, like a butterfly. — Ellen G. White

Words betrayed her: beautiful butterflies in her mind; dead moths when she opened her mouth for their release into the world. — Glen Duncan

O beautiful white land, olives and wild anemone and violet mingled among the shale, and purple wings of little winter-butterflies say, here Psyche, the soul, lies. — Hilda Doolittle

There is no reason to assume that the universe has the slightest interest in intelligence—or even in life. Both may be random accidental by-products of its operations like the beautiful patterns on a butterfly's wings. The insect would fly just as well without them. — Arthur C. Clarke

It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun. Yet is it any more unusual to find grace in the texture and softly carved silhouette of a bun than to reflect lovingly on the hackles of a fishing fly? Or the arrangements and textures on a butterfly's wing? Not if you are a McDonalds's man. — Ray Kroc

Forgettingis a beautiful thing. When you forget, you remake yourself. For a caterpillar to become a butterfly, it must forget it was a caterpillar at all. Then it will be as if the caterpillar never was & there was only ever a butterfly. — Sayings

For the butterfly, mating and propagation involve the sacrifice of life, for the human being, the sacrifice of beauty. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The butterfly long loved the beautiful rose, And flirted around all day; While round him in turn with her golden caress, Soft fluttered the sun's warm ray.... I know not with whom the rose was in love, But I know that I loved them all. The butterfly, rose, and the sun's bright ray, The star and the bird's sweet call. — Heinrich Heine

Butterflies doing strange things in very beautiful ways were in my mind when I sat down, but by the time my pen was uncapped my thoughts had shifted to rocks. — William Beebe

Flowers belong to Fairyland: the flowers and the birds and the butterflies are all that the world has kept of its golden age--the only perfectly beautiful things on earth--joyous, innocent, half divine--useless, say they who are wiser than God. — Ouida

Making something and sending it out into the world and then people not only responding to it but adopting it for their own and making a separate thing for it, that's beautiful. It just shows you how much you can affect other people... the butterfly effect of everything you put out into the world. — Marketa Irglova

Nature was one of the key forces that brought me back to God, for I wanted to know the Artist responsible for beauty such as I saw on grand scale in photos from space telescopes or on minute scale such as in the intricate designs on a butterfly wing. — Philip Yancey

Snapshots, moments, mere seconds: as fragile and beautiful and hopeless as a single butterfly, flapping on against a gathering wind. — Lauren Oliver

Men pass in front of our eyes like butterflies, creatures of a brief season. We love them; they are brave, proud, beautiful, and clever. — Philip Pullman

I have four or five ideas that just keep floating around and I want to kind of just let one - like a beautiful butterfly, let it land somewhere. — Gillian Flynn

and as streams of light fan out behind the darkened sun like the wings of a butterfly, i realize that i never saw true beauty until now. — Wendy Mass

The butterfly's attractiveness derives not only from colors and symmetry: deeper motives contribute to it. We would not think them so beautiful if they did not fly, or if they flew straight and briskly like bees, or if they stung, or above all if they did not enact the perturbing mystery of metamorphosis: the latter assumes in our eyes the value of a badly decoded message, a symbol, a sign. — Primo Levi

Beautiful thoughts flit across the brain, like butterflies in the sun's rays, and are as difficult to capture. — Anna Cora Mowatt

The butterfly lures us not only because he is beautiful, but because he is transitory. The caterpillar is uglier, but in him we can regard the better joy of becoming. — Cynthia Ozick

When someone comes to you with big dreams, don't be too quick to belittle their ambition and dreams. Inspire and help them in any way you can. Even the beautiful butterfly was once a caterpillar. — Rita Zahara

We can learn to trust ourselves by inquiring within. To practice doing this, sit quietly, close your eyes, and for a minute focus your attention on your breathing. Gently visualize your inner wisdom as a graceful butterfly. Admire her beauty, and encourage your butterfly to sit on your shoulder and whisper her wisdom in your ear. Be still and listen. — Sue Thoele

But whichever form it took it brought with it, in those moments of bitter anguish, such a desperate surge of hope that it was almost untouchable, and flitted away like a golden butterfly into the bright blue sky - beautiful, unreachable and completely transistent. — Tabitha Suzuma

People are like moths. First they are ugly and awkward, until they break out of their shell and become a beautiful butterfly. — Drew Barrymore

Men pass in front of our eyes like butterflies, creatures of a brief season. We love them; they are brave, proud, beautiful, clever; and they die almost at once. They die so soon that our hearts are continually racked with pain. — Philip Pullman

She had witnessed the world's most beautiful things, and allowed herself to grow old and unlovely. She had felt the heat of a leviathan's roar, and the warmth within a cat's paw. She had conversed with the wind and had wiped soldier's tears. She had made people see, she'd seen herself in the sea. Butterflies had landed on her wrists, she had planted trees. She had loved, and let love go. So she smiled. — Sonya Hartnett

I must brave the interior of the most tawdry and literally trumpery tower of them all ... the Trump Taj Mahal. For taking the name of the priceless mausoleum of Agra, one of the beauties and wonders of the world, for that alone Donald Trump should be stripped naked and whipped with scorpions along the boardwalk.- It is as if a giant toad has raped a butterfly. — Stephen Fry

The joy in catching butterflies is the joy of capturing - for an instant - utter beauty. The satisfaction of being able to let it go is immense. — Ruth Rudner

When works of art are presented like rare butterflies on the walls, they're decontextualized. We admire their beauty, and I have nothing against that, per se. But there is more to art than that. — Hans Haacke

What is the Absolute? Something that appears to us in fleeting experiences--say, through the gentle smile of a beautiful woman, or even through the warm caring smile of a person who may otherwise seem ugly and rude. In such miraculous but extremely fragile moments, another dimension transpires through our reality. As such, the Absolute is easily corroded;it slips all too easily through our fingers and must be handled as carefully as a butterfly — Slavoj Žižek

I had eventually come to understand that friendship was a delicate, gradual process that mustn’t be rushed or seized upon but allowed and encouraged to take its course over time. I pictured it as a butterfly, simultaneously beautiful and fragile, that once afloat belonged to the air and any attempt to grab at it would only destroy it. — Daniel Tammet

The difference between me and a butterfly is that the butterfly looks at a flower with no purpose in mind but to sip nectar. The flower feeds its body while for me the colours and shapes and scents of flowers feed my heart. But how arrogant of me to assume that the butterfly does not feel its miniscule heart also soar for no reason other than touching and being touched by beauty! — Densey Clyne

A small child has no ambitions, he has no desires. He is so absorbed in the moment - a bird on the wing catches his eye so totally; just a butterfly, its beautiful colors, and he is enchanted; the rainbow in the sky... and he cannot conceive that there can be anything more significant, richer than this rainbow. And the night full of stars, stars beyond stars... Innocence is rich, it is full, it is pure. — Osho

The world was so beautiful when regarded like this, without searching, so simply, in such a childlike way. Moons and stas were beautiful, beautiful were bank and stream, forest and rocks, goat and gold-bug, flower and butterfly. So lovely, so delightful to go through the world this way, so like a child, awake, open to what is near, without distrust. — Hermann Hesse

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