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What you are, you are by accident of birth; what I am, I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven.

Ludwig van Beethoven, composer

Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, and Mozart settled down day after day to the job in hand. They didn't waste time waiting for inspiration.

Ernest Newman, critic

I occasionally play works by contemporary composers and for two reasons. First to discourage the composer from writing any more and secondly to remind myself how much I appreciate Beethoven.

Jascha Heifetz, musician

It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards or golf.

H. L. Mencken, writer

Artists like Bach and Beethoven erected churches and temples on the heights. I only wanted... to build dwellings for men in which they might feel happy and at home.

Edvard Grieg, composer

I think there's a poet who wrote once a tragedy by Shakespeare, a symphony by Beethoven and a thunderstorm are based on the same elements. I think that's a beautiful line.

Maximilian Schell, actor

I find little in the works of Beethoven, Berlioz, Wagner and others when they are led by a conductor who functions like a windmill.

Franz Liszt, composer

One of my dogs is in the movie Beethoven's 2nd.

Greg Louganis, athlete

If a professional musician in a symphony orchestra is playing Beethoven. But this particular orchestra have played this particular chestnut so many times, they can play it in their sleep. Does the genius remain present in the music or not?

Robert Fripp,

I'm a Beethoven freak. I listen to him all the time.

David Canary, actor

Frank Zappa... was Beethoven for insane rock guys.

Scott Ian, musician

There was one thing Beethoven didn't do. When one of his string quartets was played, you can believe the second violin wasn't improvising.

Wynton Marsalis, musician

Beethoven and Beatles, Mozart and Michael Jackson, Paganini and Prince - I like them all.

Vanessa Mae, musician

If Beethoven and Bach hooked up with Mozart and made a band, they could be a distant runner up to The D.

Jack Black, actor

Napolean is dead - but Beethoven lives.

Bruno Walter, composer

I like Beethoven, especially the poems.

Ringo Starr, musician

Composers in the old days used to keep strictly to the base of the theme, as their real subject. Beethoven varies the melody, harmony and rhythms so beautifully.

Johannes Brahms, composer

The Beethoven Experience provided the opportunity to solidify the relationship between the Orchestra and me, the Orchestra and me and the public, between all of us and the city of New York, because Beethoven after all is a really amazing point of reference.

Lorin Maazel, musician

Bach and Beethoven, all of them, they had to write something to please the upper structure, those with money and power.

Sun Ra, musician

I remain loyal to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert in music and to Shakespeare and Jane Austen in literature.

Anne Stevenson, poet

I play the piano and have been playing since I was 7, mainly classical Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart.

Kiana Tom, model

Most Beethoven symphonies require 80 or more instruments, and the late romantics even more.

Neville Marriner, musician

And it's a crime because the great plays of history, going all the way back to the Greeks, are part of everybody's heritage. It's just like in music, Beethoven or Mozart, that's everybody's heritage.

Tony Randall, actor

Bernard Herrmann used to write all his scores by himself. So did Bach, Beethoven and Stravinsky. I don't understand why this happens in the movie industry.

Ennio Morricone, composer

When the bright angel dominates, out comes a great work of art, a Michelangelo David or a Beethoven symphony.

Madeleine L'Engle, novelist

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