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I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else.

Marilyn Monroe, actress

Had the decision belonged to Senator Kerry, Saddam hussein would still be in power today in Iraq. In fact, Saddam Hussein would almost certainly still be in control of Kuwait.

Dick Cheney, vice president

When this sad war is over we will all return to our homes, and feel that we can ask no higher honor than the proud consciousness that we belonged to the Army of the Potomac.

George B. McClellan, soldier

We were not fathers also to convey the promise, as Abraham was; nor although the promise, as collectively taken, had belonged to us, as to Abraham it did.

Thomas Goodwin, clergyman

Land in Hawaii is money. What I'm talking about here is ceded land - land that belonged to the kingdom and was ceded to the republic and then to the state when we achieved statehood.

Neil Abercrombie, politician

As children we recognized that we belonged to an unusual, even exceptional, family, but the effect was different on each of us.

David Rockefeller, businessman

I never participated in far-reaching political decisions, since I never belonged to the circle of the closest associates of Adolf Hitler, neither was I consulted by Adolf Hitler on general political questions, nor did I ever take part in conferences about such problems.

Hans Frank, public servant

Less than 8 percent of private sector workers belonged to a union in 2004, and, overall, only 12.5 percent of American workers carry a union card - down from about one-third of workers in labor's heydays in the 1950s.

Linda Chavez, author

I sang in the choir for years, even though my family belonged to another church.

Paul Lynde, comedian

I felt like I'd been misplaced in the cosmos and I belonged in Maine.

Terry Goodkind, writer

Marx, as we have seen, solved it by declaring capital to be a different thing from product, and maintaining that it belonged to society and should be seized by society and employed for the benefit of all alike.

Benjamin Tucker, activist

He was a very private person, but then, you know, he belonged to the whole United States. The United States thought they owned Johnny Carson.

Doc Severinsen, musician

Religion did not exist for the saving of souls but for the preservation and welfare of society, and in all that was necessary to this end every man had to take his part, or break with the domestic and political community to which he belonged.

William Robertson Smith, scientist

It was a woman's bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation.

Kathleen Winsor, author

He belonged to that army known as invincible in peace, invisible in war.

William Tecumseh Sherman, soldier

The whole force of the respectable circles to which I belonged, that respectable circle which knew as I did not the value of security won, the slender chance of replacing it if lost or abandoned, was against me.

Ida Tarbell, journalist

You know, in the 1970's, when I was in high school, I belonged to a band called the Happy Funk Band. Until an unfortunate typo caused us to be expelled from school.

Colin Mochrie, actor

When oil and gas prices went up dramatically and filled up the state treasury, I sent a large share of that revenue back where it belonged - directly to the people of Alaska.

Sarah Palin, politician

I used to look back at pictures and cringe but actually I'm quite proud that I've had fun with fashion and don't always look perfect. The only regret I have is when I look at something I wore when I was very young and it obviously looks like it belonged to someone else.

Emma Watson, actress

I belonged to the generation that grew up under National Socialism, and was blinded and led astray - and allowed itself to be led astray.

Gunter Grass, author

I would sort out all the arguments and see which belonged to fear and which to creativeness. Other things being equal, I would make the decision which had the larger number of creative reasons on its side.

Katharine Butler Hathaway, author

The base paths belonged to me, the runner. The rules gave me the right. I always went into a bag full speed, feet first. I had sharp spikes on my shoes. If the baseman stood where he had no business to be and got hurt, that was his fault.

Ty Cobb, athlete

At the time I belonged to the socialist party, and Hitler came to power.

Douglas Sirk, director

I never belonged anywhere. I just felt like a creature from another planet.

Siobhan Fahey, musician

You had to pitch in and out. The zone didn't belong to the hitters; it belonged to the pitchers. Today, if you pitch too far inside, the umpire would stop you right there. I don't think it's fair.

Juan Marichal, athlete

I never felt I belonged. I was always an outsider.

Ethel Waters, musician

And though I might have learnt more wit and advanced my understanding by living in a Court, yet being dull, fearful and bashful, I neither heeded what was said or practised, but just what belonged to my loyal duty and my own honest reputation.

Margaret Cavendish, writer

Monsieur Puss came at last to a stately castle, the master of which was an Ogre, the richest ever known; for all the lands which the King had then passed through belonged to this castle.

Charles Perrault, author

My first day in Chicago, September 4, 1983. I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here.

Oprah Winfrey, entertainer

I have never belonged to a party. I don't have party affiliation.

William Odom, soldier

We had an apartment on west side of Central Park. The rent was very reasonable. We found out later that it belonged to a gangster called Legs Diamond and it was a front to his headquarters. It was fine.

James Stewart, actor

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