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I'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. And Ben [Carson] you're a terrible surgeon.

— Ted Cruz

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Donald Trump lied about criticizing Mark Zuckerberg.

Ben Carson lied about Mannatech.Carli Fiorina lied about the size of the tax code.Marco Rubio flatly refused to answer a question ("discredited attacks from Democrats") that I guess he didn't think he could just lie about. This is quite a debate.

Ben Carson and I don`t have much in common politically.

But the fact is when you have kids getting involved in the political process, doing their best to elect the candidates of their choice, that`s what the American democracy is about.

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Ben Carson also denounced [Donald] Trump`s ban all Muslims proposal saying we do not and would not advocate being selective on one`s religion.

A couple of Donald Trump people, including his vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, and of course, Dr. Ben Carson, have both come out in the last days, hours, practically, and said they believe President [Barack] Obama is a legitimately elected president of the United States.

You look at Donald Trump and Ben Carson and you can see the people supporting them are small donors, the people I always call the ones who make the country work. Certainly not rich corporate CEO types, and these are not people that expect some sort of issue oriented payback. They're donating because of enthusiasm, ideas. The corporate donors are donating 'cause they want policy in return.

Even on Ben Carson, he's not exactly steeped in housing policy, but his statements on the issue have also been very conservative.

Dr. Ben Carson is a first-class human being and citizen. He is exactly the kind of person that you could trust running any government institution. You would trust him to babysit your kids. He's just an admirable human being.

When Ben Carson said that he would remove all federal funding for universities that had 'extreme political bias.' Who would decide what political bias was, and what is 'extreme'? That kind of policing of ideas has a striking resemblance to the black list, and that's what happened during that era.

Ted Cruz knew Ben Carson did not leave the campaign.

Look what Ted Cruz did with Ben Carson, who's endorsed me, a great guy.

Look what he did to Ben Carson. He said that Ben Carson in Iowa has left, he's out of the campaign, vote for me. Thousands of people voted for him because he convinced people that Ben Carson had left the campaign.

I watched what this man [Cruz] did to Dr.

Ben Carson, who I respect, in Iowa, where he said that Ben Carson is out of the race - he has left Iowa and he's out of the race. And I thought it was disgraceful.

Ben Carson's not really a factor anymore.

I hate to say that of anybody, but he isn't a factor anymore.

Look, again, I'm competing against professional politicians, senators, top of the line. I know Ben Carson is still in, and he's a terrific guy and a talented guy. And so I'm competing against a lot of very good people.

There are kind of four people up at the top, [Donald] Trump,[Marco] Rubio,[Ted] Cruz,[Ben] Carson, and then there's me and about three governors. I'm perfectly happy with that position right now, honestly, because when I started this race, I was 17 out of 16. The pollsters didn't even ask my name, because so few people knew me.

I think Steve King is absolutely wrong and I just hope that we can try to reach higher ground, because when you are spewing this kind of nonsense, things that Donald Trump says, Ben Carson says, but also [Marco] Rubio and [Ted] Cruz and even Jeb Bush have said.

Republican candidate Ben Carson told reporters he thinks American prisons might be too comfortable. As opposed to Mexican prisons that have personal showers with $5 million escape tunnels.

Ben Carson says his flat tax will be around 15 percent.

And by God, if he ever shows you the details, you'll see how awesome and deficit-killing it is.

Ben Carson seems pretty proud that he knows how big the Medicare budget is.

All that money goes to the private sector, but Carson seems to think the private sector would do a lot better if...something. I'm not quite sure what.

[Ben Carson] critics say that your inexperience shows.

You've suggested that the Baltic States are not a part of NATO, you were unfamiliar with the major political parties and government in Israel, and domestically, you thought Alan Greenspan had been treasury secretary instead of federal reserve chair.

Ben Carson actually lost a tooth. Which explains why he said that under his leadership, Americans would be entitled to 'life, liberty, and the purthuit of happineth.'

During a recent event at a restaurant called Tommy's Country Ham House in South Carolina, presidential candidate Ben Carson delivered a speech right after he lost his front tooth. Which still left him with more teeth than everyone combined at Tommy's Country Ham House.

I think Dr. Ben Carson is a unique political personality. He's what we call a conviction politician. He actually believes in what he says. Here's a fellow who had been a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins for over 30 years. Babies conjoined at the head, he is the one that did that. He's a superstar. Ben Carson steps away from medicine, looks at the political environment around him, and he is aghast at what he sees.