Vibrant Bill Belichick quotations

You get changed by the Bill Belichick way, you get changed by the Patriot Way.

Well, I've learned a lot from Bill Belichick.

I've said time and time again, before I got to New England, I thought I knew a lot about football. But I think he taught me a lot from A to Z. I still carry it to this day.

If you're asking me where my heart and where I'm happy is, I love playing with Tom Brady. I love being coached by Bill Belichick.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the masters of finding something that you didn't suspect.

Bill Belichick is the best professional football coach I think ever lived.

I'm upset that I played for a plethora of teams and never got an opportunity to play for Bill Belichick.

I don't know Greg Schiano personally.

But what I do know is Bill Belichick has vouched for him. OK? Urban Meyer has vouched for him. He's coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a professional organization. So many people have vouched for Greg Schiano. Now, all of a sudden, Tennessee is too holy that they don't want Greg Schiano?

I really admire the job that not just coach Belichick has done but that Robert Kraft and his family have done, and the decisions that they made to let Bill do what he's capable of doing. I think it's a great illustration of a way to structure an NFL organization when you let the coach really run the thing.