I dove on those papers like Sherlock Holmes on a cappuccino binge.

— Jordan Sonnenblick

Joyful Bing quotations

Clearly the success of the Netflix model, releasing the entire season of 'House of Cards' at once, proved one thing: The audience wants the control. They want the freedom. If they want to binge as they've been doing on 'House of Cards' and lots of other shows, we should let them binge.

If you want Shaq to be Shaq, you've got to remember that Shaq is known for wreaking havoc offensively - 26,000-plus points without consistently making free throws. Don't have me doing something I'm not used to doing. I ain't used to being a pick-setter. Let me badda-bing, badda-bang.

Why that would be like challenging Bing Crosby to a singing contest,wouldn't it

I don't look like I've been on a week long crack binge with Amy Winehouse.

And when I smiled, 'Bing!' I almost blinded her.

She said, 'Great Scot, are you a thief? Seems like you have a mouth full of gold teeth!' Hahahaha, had to find that funny, So I said, 'No child, I work hard for the money. And calling me a thief? Please...don't even try it, Sit down, eat your slice of pizza, and be quiet.'

The Netflix brand for TV shows is really all about binge viewing.

The ability to get hooked and watch episode after episode.

No matter what we weigh, those of us who are compulsive eaters have anorexia of the soul. We refuse to take in what sustains us. We live lives of deprivation. And when we can't stand it any longer, we binge.

Reading was like eating alone, with that same element of bingeing.

Being a conservative on campus is like bing a goat amongst the taliban. You are never safe.

We must do all we can to empower parents and communities to protect our youth and to encourage healthy behavior free from binge drinking and other forms of alcohol abuse.

The economy has become seriously unbalanced.

Its growth has not been driven by investment or by overcoming Britain's long-standing weaknesses in investment and productivity, particularly skills. Instead, there has been a binge of debt-financed consumer spending.

If there's reason for hope, it lies in man's occasional binges of cooperation.

To save our planet, we'll need that kind of heroic effort, in which all types of people join forces for the common good

Life itself is the proper binge.

Binge eating is another eating disorder that people really don't realize is a problem.

I'm a guy who has problems with moderation.

All or nothing. Binge and purge. Kill or be killed. Gray is not a color I wear well. I should be dead. I know that. I should not be successful. I know that too. My daily existence is a toss of the coin - one side, fear, the other side, gratitude.

You can hear the Celtic heartbeat all over Europe and America, from Bing Crosby to Jack White, from the Smiths to My Bloody Valentine, from House of Pain to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

I often talked to Bing Crosby, and while I liked him, I never understood why he was so popular. To me his voice was just a gimmick.

Bing Crosby and I weren't the types to go around kissing each other.

We always had a light jab for each other. One of our stock lines used to be "There's nothing I wouldn't do for Bing, and there's nothing he wouldn't do for me." And that's the way we go through life - doing nothing for each other!

The problem with binge-watching on Netflix is that you lose three days of your life.

Anorexia, you starve yourself. Bulimia, you binge and purge. You eat huge amounts of food until you're sick and then you throw up. And anorexia, you just deny yourself. It's about control.

There ARE people who won't customarily eat an entire row of cookies, or hear food calling their name from other rooms, or who don't grind up food in the garbage disposal for fear of eating it, or get it back out of the garbage so they could eat it. Of course, my binge eating was just a cover-up for the larger issue: Trying to fill the emptiness

Bing was always hesitant to accept appreciation in any form.

I'm on a constant yo-yo of health. I will go a week eating incredibly clean, but then I'll follow that up with a month's worth of binge eating. Then I hit the gym and eat clean, and then I mix it up with core exercises, yoga, Pilates, and sitting on an incline bench while checking my phone.

For me, juicing isn't about binging and cleansing; I try to incorporate it into a balanced diet.

For every diet there's an equal and opposite binge (bulimia which is binging and purging is another way of depriving yourself).

I think probably the one trait that would concern me about brother Bing would be his lack of responsibility.

They have a kind of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby thing going on.

Everyone is going to binge on a diet, for instance, so plan for it, schedule it, and contain the damage.

I binge when I'm happy. When everything is going really well, every day is like I'm at a birthday party.

I have a special relationship with God.

And when I take the right photograph, God gives me a little bing! in the camera. And then I know I'm on the right track.

There are studies that tell us that stress and lack of self-image, lack of self-esteem, severe dieting, binge dieting and binge eating can also be very damaging to a body and bring on various kinds of abnormalities.

Anything is possible on a train: a great meal, a binge, a visit from card players, an intrigue, a good night's sleep, and strangers' monologues framed like Russian short stories.

You know how I came up with the name 'Road to the Super Bowl?' It's an homage to the old Bob Hope - Bing Crosby buddy movies - you know, like 'Road to Zanzibar' or 'Road to Morocco.' Can you tell? All I've done my whole life is go to movies.

I used to binge-eat and make myself throw up.

I was a fat kid. Obviously I didn't quite master the bulimia.