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Fair Trade supports some of the most bio-diverse farming systems in the world. When you visit a Fair Trade coffee grower's fields, with the forest canopy overhead and the sound of migratory songbirds in the air, it feels like you're standing in the rainforest.

— Miguel A. Altieri

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What has been happening more lately - of course, I also put in my bio, I say I do the voice of Goliath, but some people go - you know, I say something, and it's a funny thing when you work in this business, people will talk out loud in front of you like you're not there.

If the Bush Administration cannot ensure Americans that they will be safe from the flu, how will they protect our country against a possible bio-terror or chemical attack? The American people deserve better.

A single thread of self generation ties the cosmos, the bios, and the technos together into one creation. Humans are not the culmination of this trajectory but an intermediary, smack in the middle between the born and the made... The arc of complexity and open-ended creation in the last four billion years is nothing compared to what lies ahead.

Give us detailed, testable, mechanistic accounts for the origin of life, the origin of the genetic code, the origin of ubiquitous bio macromolecules and assemblages like the ribosome, and the origin of molecular machines like the bacterial flagellum, and intelligent design will die a quick and painless death.

By increasing the use of renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel, and providing the Department of Energy with a budget to create more energy efficiency options, agriculture can be the backbone of our energy supply as well.

We simply have to transition from an economy based almost exclusively on oil and coal and natural gas to one that's far more diversified, that uses solar energy, and wind energy, and the power of the tides, and bio-mass energy, and eventually, develops hydrogen.

The Bio-diversity Convention has not yielded any tangible benefits to the world's poor.

The same parts of my brain get as excited as when I study bio or read a novel and write a paper on it.

If we can produce more ethanol and bio-diesel to help fuel our vehicles, we will create jobs, boost local economies and produce cleaner burning fuels. This will keep dollars here at home where they can have a positive impact on our economy.

I have gas mask in my office because I took Chem/bio warfare training class so I can report in case of an attack. It’s on a copy of my head made by Madame Tussauds

Americans in all places and levels of government have begun to consider the areas where we need to prepare ourselves from future threats, including the latest weapon: bio-terror.

Nobody spends any money on smallpox unless they worry about a bio-terrorist recreating it.

I think a lot of us are multiple things that don't always fit together neatly in a bio box.

The school was very supportive. The only class that I had to attend every day was biology when we were doing dissections. I would take an 8 a.m. bio class, dissect my animal, and then run to work.

Worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is-next to hate, which is deeply self destructive. Worry is pointless. It is wasted mental energy. It also creates bio-chemical reactions which harm the body, producing everything from indigestion to coronary arrest, and a multitude of things in between.

Smart art galleries know it's not the words on paper but the emotion in the piece that makes clients pull out the credit card or check book. The gallery's number one concern is will this stuff sell? What your bio, artist's statement or resume articulates will be of no help if you don't make art that connects with buyers.

As a bio major, I figured "free will" meant chemicals in your brain telling you what to do, the molecules bouncing around in a way that felt like choosing but was actually the dance of little gears--neurons and hormones bubbling up into decisions like clockwork. You don't use your body; it uses you.

Even my bio on Instagram is like, 'That girl that fell at the Olympics.

' Just as a joke. Because that's how people come up to me and that's what they say. That's how they remember me.

We must get rid of fossil fuels by developing injection systems for automobiles, which can run on bio-fuel.

Most of the bio men on earth were born to women, so it's pretty ordinary! But I think because I had come from a matriarchy - my father died when I was young, and I only have a sister and a stepsister - when I told my mom and my sister that I was having a boy, they were both like, "That does not compute within our family relation!" It was like, "Girls only here!" Now that all seems very strange to me.

I can be very snobby about fiction, especially contemporary fiction.

I can be kind of overly demanding, I think. But this is, I think, a good time. A lot of fiction comes out right now. So, I like reading the memoir. I love memoir, the biography, auto bio.

The levels of technology investment in the energy sciences pales compared to the kinds of investment we make in the computer and bio-sciences.

We would like, still the numbers to increase, and so we're hoping that there's far - there will be many more women in the cabinet. It appears there will be and we're hoping that will happen. And - but the ones that have been picked, by and large, we have worked with. There's a couple that we haven't, but there - they look like their bio's are great and so we're - we're pushing on.

People deserve to have their experiences understood in a genuine bio-psycho-social approach. All too often, this is ignored in favor of what is a very reductionist, bio-medical, model.

I never actually do rehearsals. That's one of the reasons that I write those bios and if I can meet with the actors I'll meet them or talk to them on the phone. What I want is for them to come on set knowing their lines and knowing who the character is.

BIOS - BIOS (pronounced: /ˈbaɪɒs/, BY-oss; an acronym for Basic Input/Output System and also known as the System BIOS, ROM BIOS or PC BIOS) is firmware used

Bio-Dome - Bio-Dome is a 1996 American comedy film directed by Jason Bloom. Bio-Dome was produced by Motion Picture Corporation of America on a budget of $15 million

Radio Bío-Bío - Radio Bío-Bío is a Chilean radio station with broad coverage in Chile. It covers news, sports, economics, and international relations. The station was

A.P. Bio - A.P. Bio is an American comedy television series created by Mike O'Brien for NBC. The series premiered on February 1, 2018 for a special preview and made

Bios - Bios or BIOS may refer to: Bios (album), the third album by Costa Rican music group Gandhi Bios (novel), a 1999 science fiction novel by Robert Charles

Bluebird bio - bluebird bio, Inc., based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a biotechnology company that develops gene therapies for severe genetic disorders and cancer

BioWare - BioWare is a Canadian video game developer based in Edmonton, Alberta. It was founded in 1995 by newly graduated medical doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk

Bio-Techne - Bio-Techne Corporation is a holding company for biotechnology and clinical diagnostic brands. It was founded in 1976 as Techne Corporation and changed

Biological agent - A biological agent (also called bio-agent, biological threat agent, biological warfare agent, biological weapon, or bioweapon) is a bacterium, virus,

I'm trying to dismantle a stereotype that in order to live any kind of creative life, you have to be in torment and suffering. We're addicted to this idea because it makes for good bio pics... but I actually think it's better to live a life where you're constantly exploring your curiosity and creativity.

Bio-technology is the science of the future.

The official bio is the wrongest thing you've ever seen in your entire life.

Don't google your name. Ever. Don't “search” for yourself on anything that glows in the dark. Don't let your beauty be something anyone can turn off. Don't edit your ugly out of your bio. Let your light come from the fire. Let your pain be the spark, but not the timber. Remember, you didn't come here to write your heart out. You came to write it in.

When I was in high school I was a really huge 'SNL' fan.

I remember the cast around the time I started watching it - Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, Cheri O'Teri, Tracy Morgan. I did research to find out how people got on the show. Their bios always said they came from an improv team, so I started taking classes.

[In my bio] is no drunk driving, there's no DUI's, there's no possession of cocaine, none of that stuff so you know, I don't know if that's good or bad. Everybody loves dirty laundry.

I was a bio major, and I was going to take over my aunt's dental practice and be a dentist.

The worst potential bio-terrorist is nature itself.

As a bio-philosopher - as someone who draws upon the scriptures of nature, recognizing that we are the product of the process of evolution, and in a sense, we have become the process itself - through the emergence and evolution of our consciousness, our awareness, our capacity to imagine and to anticipate the future and to choose from amongst alternatives.

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