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I've always had a natural affiliation with nature. If I wasn't an actor, I'd be some sort of biologist working in the field in Africa or something. — Callan McAuliffe

It-was a tiny mollusc that caused Walter, grandfather of the greatest biologist of the twentieth century, to forge a brief link with the greatest biologist of the nineteenth: Charles Darwin. . . . . . We know this because later that day he wrote hesitantly to Darwin to report what he had found. — Matt Ridley

I wanted to be a meteorologist. I wanted to be a marine biologist. — January Jones

I was one of those kids who wanted to do everything, I wanted to be a marine biologist, an actress, a writer, an environmentalist, an activist. — Kristin Kreuk

My opinions about human nature are shared by many psychologists, linguists, and biologists, not to mention philosophers and scholars going back centuries. — Steven Pinker

I weren't an actor, I'd be a wildlife biologist or forest ranger. — Rick Schroder

And one of my other friends could not believe in God if he came down and tapped her on the shoulder. She's a biologist - a student at UCLA - and I don't judge her either, because I really believe that God is a personal opinion, and only that. — Amber Tamblyn

Someone like Einstein was quite clearly a moralist, and he had a very highly developed political vision and was very spiritual in his way, and there are many biologists and physicists of the first order who are like that. — Jonathan Miller