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Picture quote by Nikola Tesla about nature

Our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself, work on the same frequencies. ⏤ Nikola Tesla

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We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist

Physics investigates the essential nature of the world, and biology describes a local bump. Psychology, human psychology, describes a bump on the bump.

Willard Van Orman Quine,

Biology is the science. Evolution is the concept that makes biology unique.

Jared Diamond, author

Politics is applied biology.

Ernst Haeckel, scientist

The human mind evolved to believe in the gods. It did not evolve to believe in biology.

E. O. Wilson, scientist

Relativity must replace absolutism in the realm of morals as well as in the spheres of physics and biology.

Thomas Cochrane, politician

Usually that's going into biology in a certain way. There's certain strengths and weaknesses to both of the sexes. And I'm not against employing those nor am I against denying those, what I am looking for is a very large array of options.

Mark Morris, dancer

Biology has progressed tremendously due to the model that Darwin put forth. But the black boxes Darwin accepted are now being opened, and our view of the world is again being shaken.

Michael Behe, scientist

In Darwin's time all of biology was a black box: not only the cell, or the eye, or digestion, or immunity, but every biological structure and function because, ultimately, no one could explain how biological processes occurred.

Michael Behe, scientist

The evolution of sex is the hardest problem in evolutionary biology.

John M. Smith,

We were making the first step out of the age of chemistry and physics, and into the age of biology.

Jeremy Rifkin, economist

Biology, meaning the science of all life, is a late notion.

Leon Kass, educator

The Department of Cell Biology at Johns Hopkins was founded and directed by Tom Pollard, an engaging young scientist with remarkable energy and enthusiasm.

Peter Agre, scientist

Because all of biology is connected, one can often make a breakthrough with an organism that exaggerates a particular phenomenon, and later explore the generality.

Thomas R. Cech, scientist

The moment I saw the model and heard about the complementing base pairs I realized that it was the key to understanding all the problems in biology we had found intractable - it was the birth of molecular biology.

Sydney Brenner, scientist

One of my degrees was a science degree in biology.

Elizabeth Moon, author

So when I got out of the military, I went back to school in biology, and earned a biology degree at the University of Texas, and then did some graduate work in it.

Elizabeth Moon, author

A key issue in developmental biology at that time was the problem of how cells underwent differentiation, with most workers concentrating on explanations in terms of changes in enzyme and gene regulation.

Paul Nurse, scientist

After an extensive interview he arranged for my weaknesses in foreign languages to be over-looked and so I started a Biology degree at Birmingham in 1967.

Paul Nurse, scientist

I decided that the University of Sussex in Brighton was a good place for this work because it had a strong tradition in bacterial molecular genetics and an excellent reputation in biology.

Paul Nurse, scientist

Nothing can be more incorrect than the assumption one sometimes meets with, that physics has one method, chemistry another, and biology a third.

Thomas Huxley, scientist

My boarding school experience was the only thing I had strong enough feelings to write about for hundreds and hundreds of pages. I can still smell the formaldehyde of the fetal pigs in biology.

Curtis Sittenfeld, writer

Industrial opportunities are going to stem more from the biological sciences than from chemistry and physics. I see biology as being the greatest area of scientific breakthroughs in the next generation.

George E. Brown, Jr., politician

Biology will relate every human gene to the genes of other animals and bacteria, to this great chain of being.

Walter Gilbert, scientist

Influenced by him, and probably even more so by my brother Theodore (a year older than me), I soon became interested in biology and developed a respect for the importance of science and the scientific method.

Frederick Sanger, scientist

I originally envisioned myself doing something with the suffix 'ology' at the end of it, like marine biology or entomology. But after I started to do some acting gigs, I thought it wasn't a bad thing... I said to myself, 'I might as well keep riding this bus until the wheels fall off.'

Callan McAuliffe, actor

I learned about HeLa cells in my first basic biology class, and I just became completely obsessed with them from that point on.

Rebecca Skloot, writer

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.

Oprah Winfrey, entertainer

Biology has at least 50 more interesting years.

James D. Watson, scientist

So we've moved from an era when women's biology was women's destiny to today, which is an era in which men's biology is men's destiny.

Warren Farrell, writer

We know from biology that new forms of organisms simulate their primitive form as closely as possible at first, even though obliged to exist under changed internal and external conditions.

Wilhelm Ostwald, scientist

And the more profoundly the science of biology reveals the laws of the life and development of living bodies, the more effective is the science of agronomy.

Trofim Lysenko, celebrity

Even when Darwin's teaching first made its appearance, it became clear at once that its scientific, materialist core, its teaching concerning the evolution of living nature, was antagonistic to the idealism that reigned in biology.

Trofim Lysenko, celebrity

In essence, the science of agronomy is inseparable from biology.

Trofim Lysenko, celebrity

In the present epoch of struggle between two worlds the two opposing and antagonistic trends penetrating the foundations of nearly all branches of biology are particularly sharply defined.

Trofim Lysenko, celebrity

Progressively thinking biologists, both in our country and abroad, saw in Darwinism the only right road to the further development of scientific biology.

Trofim Lysenko, celebrity

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

Theodosius Dobzhansky, scientist

Men are not allowed to think freely about chemistry and biology: why should they be allowed to think freely about political philosophy?

Auguste Comte, sociologist

I've always been interested in science - one of my favourite books is James Watson's 'Molecular Biology of the Gene.'

Bill Gates, business magnate

On ne naît pas femme: on le devient.

Simone de Beauvoir, writer

The connection between psychology, mythology, and literature is as important as the connection between psychology and biology and the hard sciences.

Jordan Peterson, psychologist

No, I majored in biology, in a pre-med program.

Neil Diamond, musician

To address questions of scientific responsibility does not necessarily imply that one needs technical competence in a particular field (e.g. biology) to evaluate certain technical matters.

Serge Lang, mathematician

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