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Cate Blanchett is mesmerizing. I don't know why. It's beyond my understanding. Why we all want to work with her is she elevates the rest of us. She's just got some ethereal grace and elegance that's beyond me, and an acute understanding of human nature. She's just exquisite. She's otherworldly.

— Brad Pitt

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Definitely. Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore - women that have no boundaries, no borders. They can do anything, They can be any character and you accept it and go with it as a viewer, and as an audience member. That's the kind of career that I'm looking for.

Years from now, when cinephiles are asked to name the movies' golden age, they'll say it was when Cate Blanchett was in them.

I admire Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet.

I like a lot of comedians. I like Cameron Diaz - she's funny and has a very light spirit. That's quite rare nowadays. There are many actresses I admire.

Cate Blanchett is somebody who I could watch do anything.

I love what an extraordinary chameleon she can be. There's something about the way she bends and transforms that feels otherworldly to me.

I'm not trying to take Cate Blanchett down.

I've always admired Cate Blanchett and the roles she chooses.

I think she's got an incredible discipline in a way, with choosing roles that are going to help her grow and bring something interesting to the world.

There are a ton of A-list stars I'd love to dress - fashionistas like Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson. Also, Cate Blanchett would be fun and fabulous. My picks vary by the day and how I'm feeling. But, as a new, young designer, I'm open to working with everyone!

One of the big takeaways from that experience [in Blue Jasmin] was just what a thrill it was to act with somebody like Cate Blanchett operating on that caliber. Because what she was doing was very powerful. T

The movie [Blue Jasmin] shot very quick.

I met Cate Blanchett in the car on the way to set, and we did that last scene, and she was just so phenomenal. I had basically met her that day. Because the way he shoots, everybody just shows up and does their thing, and he moves us very quickly.

I remember calling and asking, because I had a few lines that were like, "How could the character have done this?" and I hadn't read the part of the script that said what she [ Cate Blanchett] did, so they put me on the phone with Woody... Allen. I don't know if I could really say "Woody."

I would just say there are no two roles that are more demanding than Bob Dylan of 1966 [Blanchett's role in 'I'm Not There'] and Carol Aird of 1952. I challenge any director out there to come up with a wider divide. I had to convince her to take the Dylan role, and that took effort. But with 'Carol,' she was already attached.

I came to this project and 'Far from Heaven' from completely different vantage points. 'Heaven' was of course about the Douglas Sirk films of that period, with the very specific cinematic language and style of melodrama. With 'Carol,' it was presented to me already packaged, with Cate Blanchett attached and Phyllis Nagy's script complete - when it came to me it had a long history and pre-history.

It's fascinating. It's also exhilarating when you see people making the exact same choices that you've made. It kind of validates what you've decided to do. I saw a wonderful production of Jessica Lange doing Streetcar with Alec Baldwin. It was gorgeous. It's a measure of what a great classic that is, that our Cate Blanchett also did an absolute amazing Blanche in Sydney, as well as in New York.

I'd want to marry Cate Blanchett, date Kate Bosworth, and spend the weekend with Elisha Cuthbert.

And then there is Cate Blanchett. She is different all the time.

When I watch people like Cate Blanchett act, I don't know what is going on in her life, you just get lost in her performance and that's what I hope to do as well.

The closest to Hepburn is Cate Blanchett.

When Cate Blanchett starts directing, it's over for all of us.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for someone like Cate Blanchett, find Emma Thompson wonderful, Meryl Streep inspiring, Juliette Binoche full of light and Catherine Deneuve incredible.

I have always loved Ed Norton and Ryan Gosling. Also Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett.

Charlize Theron and Cate Blanchett are very good actresses.

I love women like Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton, who kind of go out on a limb and do their own thing. I find it very inspiring and it allows you to do what you want to do.

I love Cate Blanchett: she takes risks, but is still refind.

I love Renée Zellweger, she can do no wrong in my eyes.

I relate to every character she embodies, because she has no pretense. I also love Amy Adams: She's so kind and talented, and whenever I watch her I think, I want to be her friend-I've seen Enchanted many times with my daughter. Meryl Streep, of course. And I love what Cate Blanchett brings to every movie she does.

Working with Cate Blanchett, on and off the screen, has always been a highlight for me. She embodies the perfect combination of consummate actor and world-class fashion icon.

Do I think Cate Blanchett is the most spectacular creature that ever walked the planet? Yes, I do.

I always say everyone was lucky enough to be in a Cate Blanchett movie.

I was pretty excited to meet Cate Blanchett.

She's great, she's amazing, I think she's one of the most beautiful women in the universe. And I mean the universe, not the world.

Growing up, I always had my dreams set on being an actor, so I looked up to Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn. I also look up to Kate Winslet and Renée [Zellweger] and Cate Blanchett...and Diane Keaton - she's a genius. I think it's very inspiring to see these women attack such complex roles.

I love Cate Blanchett. She's extremely classy and has this knack for taking on roles and being very, very strong, but also embedding vulnerability. She has this relatable quality. I like the path she chose.

I wanted to work with Cate Blanchett.

She is one of the five greatest movie actresses of her generation.

You want to have enough of a profile to be able to do all the work you can, but at the same time you want to have your own space. But there are a lot of actors who achieve it, a lot of movie stars even, people like Emily Watson and Cate Blanchett. They seem to be able to carry on with their lives and still produce wonderful, high-profile work.

My mom was a psychic. And there's a movie called The Gift that I'd written years ago with Cate Blanchett which is loosely based on my mom.

As far as I'm concerned, Cate Blanchett is a goddess, but she's really down to earth. She's got all those Oscars, she's made all those amazing films and she could spend her whole life doing that, but what does she also do? She gives birth to three boys and creates her own theatre in Sydney.

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