As sensory experience junkies, we have been blinded to the majesty in the common.
— Bryant H. McGill

I was blinded by being a romantic person.
Sienna Miller blinded quote

Spend in pure converse our eternal day;Think each in each, immediately wise;Learn all we lacked before; hear, know, and sayWhat this tumultuous body now denies;And feel, who have laid our groping hands away;And see, no longer blinded by our eyes.
— Rupert Brooke

The creator is both detached and committed, free and yet ensnared, concerned but not too much so. If motivation is too strong the person is blinded; if the objective situation is too tightly structured, the person sees none of its alternative possibilities.
— Robert Macleod

Terrorist are picadors and matadors. They prick the bull until it bleeds and is blinded by rage, then they snap the red cape of bloody terror in its face. The bull charges again and again until, exhausted, it can charge no more. Then the matador, though smaller and weaker, drives the sword into the soft spot between the shoulder blades of the bull. For the bull has failed to understand that the snapping cape was but a provocation to goad it into attacking and exhausting itself for the kill.
— Patrick J. Buchanan